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How To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search Assistant? Tips & Tricks
Nowadays audience likes to find the product/ services via voice search using Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri as compared to typing on the search bar. In Jan 2018 Alpine.AI calculate there are over 1 billion voice searches happening per month.
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Inside the hype and reality of Alexa, Siri and the voice assistant ‘revolution’ - Recode
People are much less likely to skip ads on Alexa. It’s more inconvenient to tell your Alexa to skip forward 30 seconds than it is to just let the ads play,” Meverden told Recode. “Smart speaker listeners are much more passive,” she added. “People with voice interfaces tend to accept what’s given to them.”
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yesterday by paulbradshaw
'It's a fertile hunting ground': The Financial Times sees podcasts leading to paying subscribers - Digiday
the publisher has extended its audio strategy to include smart speakers, starting with Google’s voice-command platform Assistant. On Saturday, the publisher launched its first interactive audio experience called “Hidden Cities” via Google Assistant, which can be accessed via Google’s smart speakers, as well as on Google and Apple smartphones.
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“Voice tech like and hasn’t found its true calling yet: Inside the ‘revolution’”…
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Inside the hype and reality of Alexa, Siri and the voice assistant ‘revolution’ - Recode
“Smart speaker listeners are much more passive,” she added. “People with voice interfaces tend to accept what’s given to them.”
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2 days ago by renaissancechambara
Voice and Public Speaking Coach Saul Kotzubei
Los Angeles Voice Coach Saul Kotzubei helps actors, singers, executives,
and everyone else communicate with a free, flexible, and powerful voice. As
a Los Angeles Public Speaking Coach, he helps people make the most
effective presentations possible.
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What do people think of the current landscape? “People find Siri sassy” -
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