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Birth Becomes Her - Photo Contest 2018
Birth Becomes Her is honored to host a worldwide Birth Photography contest featuring beautiful and real images of birth, breastfeeding, and motherhood. We believe that these images are worth seeing and celebrating. We believe that motherhood and the female body should not be censored. Our contest features images taken in 2017 by some of the …
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6 hours ago by pgorrindo
W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington's Hand-Drawn Data Visualizations of Black Independence, Circa 1900 - CityLab
Looking at the charts, they’re strikingly vibrant and modern, almost anticipating the crossing lines of Piet Mondrian or the intersecting shapes of Wassily Kandinsky. But they are in line with innovative 19th-century data visualization, which included Florence Nightingale’s “coxcomb” diagrams on causes of war mortality and William Farr’s dynamic cholera charts. Du Bois himself used horizontal bar graphs in his 1899 study The Philadelphia Negro.
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17 hours ago by Jibarosoy

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