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Automatic Time Series Smoothing with ASAP · Stanford DAWN
In this post, we’ll walk through an example of how ASAP chooses the amount of smoothing for a given time series and how ASAP’s strategy of minimizing point-to-point variance while preserving kurtosis can dramatically improve visualization quality.
data  analysis  visualization 
21 hours ago by jvangorp
CPSC 547: Information Visualization (Fall 2017)
Course by Tamara Munzner at University British Columbia, Canada.
course  visualization  data-science 
yesterday by doneata
The Python Graph Gallery – Visualizing data – with Python
examples of performing various types of data visualization in Python
python  data  visualization  tutorial 
yesterday by mootPoint
Three simple ways to inspect a Webpack bundle – Jannik Hell – Medium
Webpack is a module bundler which means that it bundles together all of your JavaScript files to one or multiple files commonly named bundle.js.
To inspect this bundle in terms of file size and composition there are three tools I find very helpful.
javascript  webpack  visualization  tools 
yesterday by ianmclaury
A general purpose real-time charting library for building beautiful, smooth, and high performance visualizations.
javascript  visualization  chart 
yesterday by junya

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