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Stories about A.I. in 100+ years of sci-fi movies
"What forms of A.I. appear in movies? Are the stories more positive or negative? What stories tend to correlate with others?
What does this imply that we should do right now about AI? An analysis by Chris Noessel for, Visualized by Sebastian Sadowski"
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22 hours ago by garrettc
Comparing City Street Orientations - Geoff Boeing
I recently wrote about visualizing street orientations with Python and OSMnx. That is, how is a city’s street network oriented in terms of the streets’ compass bearings? How well does it adhere to a straightforward north-south-east-west layout? I wanted to revisit this by comparing 25 major US cities’ orientations (EDIT: by popular request, see also this follow-up comparing world cities):
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6 days ago by bezthomas

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