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Morph is a free & open-source tool for creating designs, animations or interactive visualizations from data
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yesterday by alphajuliet
Fourier Transforms
An Interactive Introduction to Fourier Transforms!
algorithm  cool  fourier  compression  visualisation  mathematics  maths 
4 days ago by garrettc
Population Mountains
This is a story about how to perceive the population of cities.
maps  population  visualization  visualisation 
7 days ago by rrraul
Data made insightful, effective & beautiful through visualization | Visual Cinnamon
Visual Cinnamon | Data made insightful, effective & beautiful through visualization
dataviz  visualisation 
7 days ago by prstn
Cytoscape: An Open Source Platform for Complex Network Analysis and Visualization
Cytoscape is an open source software platform for visualizing complex networks and integrating these with any type of attribute data.
networks  visualisation  systems-biology 
7 days ago by davidbenque
About - Our World in Data
Every one of us has an idea of how the world is changing. Is the world becoming more violent? Is an end to poverty possible? Is population growth unstoppable? Will environmental decline inevitably make the planet uninhabitable? To answer these and other big picture questions, it is essential that we carefully measure what we care about, and let the facts inform our worldview.

Our World in Data is a website that shows how global living conditions and the earth’s environment are changing. Through interactive data visualizations we can see how the world has changed; by summarizing the scientific literature we explain why. Understanding how and why the world has changed up to now allows us to see that a better future is possible.

We take a broad perspective on aspects that matter for our lives. The entries on Our World in Data are dedicated to the global changes in health, population growth, education, culture, violence, political power and human rights, war and peace, material prosperity and poverty, technology, food and hunger, and humanity's impact on the environment. Covering all of these aspects in one resource makes it possible to understand how the long-run trends are interlinked.

Our World in Data is a collaborative effort between the researchers of the Oxford Martin Programme on Global Development at the University of Oxford, who are the scientific editors of the website content; and the non-profit organization Global Change Data Lab, who publishes and maintains the website.
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8 days ago by suimong

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