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The $30 EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker is an FDA-approved miniscope device somewhat resembling a small plastic monocular. One end of the device is non-destructively secured to a smartphone’s display using a silicon strap. The user looks through the other end at the screen as the iOS or Android app guides them through the vision test. It’s a nice, compact design that doesn’t damage your phone and is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones.
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How-To: 3 Ways to Compare Histograms using OpenCV and Python - PyImageSearch
HOW-TO: I'll show you 3 ways to compare histograms using OpenCV and Python. You'll learn all about the cv2.compareHist function, Python code included.
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The spectacular power of Big Lens | The long read | News | The Guardian
How one giant company will dominate the way the whole world sees.
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Luminoodle - Interior LED Lighting | Power Practical
Luminoodle Interior Lighting
Fill your home with versatile and simple LED lighting solutions to light up your dark nooks and crannies or enhance your screen time with TV and monitor bias lighting.
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