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LVE: an alternative container technology to Docker and Virtuozzo/LXC
Lately, Docker is quickly gaining popularity. Container technology is one of the hottest trends in the tech market today, and most of us have heard of Virtuozzo or LXC containers. While LVE has been a prominent player in the hosting world, most people outside of this space haven’t heard much about this technology.
Virtualization  LVE  Docker  Dotcloud_Docker  Linux_Containers  LXC  Virtuozzo 
february 2016 by GameGamer43
Security patches to Linux that break chroot(2). Parallels Virtuozzo definitely has applied the patches concerning chroot but it's unclear if OpenVZ proper has the chroot patch. They say grsecurity doesn't apply wholesale so they port bits and pieces into OpenVZ and their docs don't mention the chroot patch by name.
linux  grsecurity  virtuozzo  openvz 
september 2010 by rcrowley

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