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nz report bad videos or pictures or photos
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3 hours ago by danfnz
Opinion | The Attack That Broke the Net’s Safety Net - The New York Times
It’s telling that the platforms must make themselves less functional in the interests of public safety. What happened this weekend gives an inkling of how intractable the problem may be. Internet platforms have been designed to monopolize human attention by any means necessary, and the content moderation machine is a flimsy check on a system that strives to overcome all forms of friction. The best outcome for the public now may be that Big Tech limits its own usability and reach, even if that comes at the cost of some profitability. Unfortunately, it’s also the outcome least likely to happen.
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11 hours ago by msszczep
Ramsey Orta filmed the killing of Eric Garner, so the police punished him - The Verge
He filmed the killing of Eric Garner. The video traveled far, but it wouldn’t get justice for his dead friend. Instead, the NYPD would exact their revenge through targeted harassment and eventually imprisonment—Orta’s punishment for daring to show the world police brutality.
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yesterday by vloux
The Christchurch Shooter's Manifesto Is Meant to Troll - The Atlantic
Before people can even begin to grasp the nuances of today’s internet, they can be radicalized by it. Platforms such as YouTube and Facebook can send users barreling into fringe communities where extremist views are normalized and advanced. Because these communities have so successfully adopted irony as a cloaking device for promoting extremism, outsiders are left confused as to what is a real threat and what’s just trolling. The darker corners of the internet are so fragmented that even when they spawn a mass shooting, as in New Zealand, the shooter’s words can be nearly impossible to parse, even for those who are Extremely Online.
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yesterday by corrales
Why did the New Zealand shooting happen? — Quartz
The tragedies took place in a climate of anti-immigration and racism.
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3 days ago by po

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