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Court rules Mass Murderer's rights Violated
Norwegian authorities have violated mass killer Anders Behring Breivik’s human rights by holding him in solitary confinement in a three-cell complex where he can play video games, watch TV and exercise, a court in Oslo ruled Wednesday.

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april 2016 by inboxnews
Federal Judge strikes down Wisconsin law requiring photo id at polls
Judge Lynn Adelman found 2011 state law that requires id at polls, violate
14th amendment.
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september 2014 by april.merleaux
Pivot Animator
God damn installs a load of gunk on my machine. #violated Don't do it. The software is not THAT interesting #malverse
gif  animator  animation  stickmen  stick  figure  violated  malverse 
march 2014 by kexrex
Twitter / mojinations: Look what greeted me in th ...
Look what greeted me in the shower this morning. Eat shit, LogRhythm.
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july 2012 by mkb

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