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Vinyl in 2019: ‘We’re coming back to the joy, the addiction…’
On the ‘CD is dead’ debate: “It’s the media that are actually pushing this. It drives me insane… We press way more CDs than vinyl. Way more! And they’re holding up really well,” said Emanuel. Vlaski agreed: “It’s a really good point: basically digital versus physical sells clicks or papers, it makes for a good headline. There’s conflict involved: the one is ‘cannibalising’ the other. Whereas people that work in the industry don’t really see that’s what’s happening,” he said. “We find consumers are very multi-channel: you have to make everything available for people so they can choose what they want. Digital as a discovery platform or for convenience; vinyl for the extra-special experience; but CD maybe for driving in your car. And, very importantly, it is a very easy entry-level price. It is easier for somebody with limited resource to part with 10 or 15 euros… There is room for everybody.”
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Gold Rush Vinyl – High-quality, fast-turn record pressing
short run and fast turnaround record pressing in austin
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How To Maintain A Vinyl Fence
Even though vinyl is a low maintenance material, it still requires some maintenance. Here are some things you can do to maintain your vinyl fence.
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Analog Corner #110 | Analog Planet Sept 2004
"A Vinyl Farewell," by David Browne, which appeared in the October 4, 1991 issue of Entertainment Weekly. In the article, Browne kisses the LP goodbye, lovingly, nostalgically, and not at all dismissively. Accompanying the article is a photo, perhaps unintentionally suggestive, of an unusually large stylus floating above a record and about to make contact with a hairball of dust. The caption reads, "Playing an LP suddenly feels as foreign as a druidic ceremony."

"There's no denying one inescapable fact," Browne states in the first paragraph of the sumptuous, eight-page spread: "the vinyl LP is about to go the way of five-and-dime stores and the 50-cent gallon of gas." Though later in the article he admits that LPs are still available in small numbers, "Nonetheless, at some point the major record companies will finally pull the plug."
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Love / Fallin' in Love - Dean Wareham / Britta Phillips
(Formosa Punk, 2014)
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RT : Milestone for the comeback: The publishes an editorial on it.
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