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ervandew/supertab: Perform all your vim insert mode completions with Tab
Supertab is a vim plugin which allows you to use <Tab> for all your insert completion needs (:help ins-completion).
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9 minutes ago by ezequiel
buffertag syntax highlighting not working · Issue #463 · ctrlpvim/ctrlp.vim
[...] Only after pressing F5 do the colors show up. The highlighting is reset with every use of the buffer tags.
issue  plugin  vim  links  ev.contrib  github  2018 
5 hours ago by ezequiel
Airline caused massive lag when editing ruby files · Issue #1026 · vim-airline/vim-airline
So I've seen most of the suggestions for speeding up Ruby and Vim specifically and I've implemented almost all of them. But what ended up having the most impact was actually removing this plugin. I profile about 5 seconds of editing a ruby file the results are below.
I'm not sure if this is specific to Ruby either. I know Ruby syntax and Vim have some problems so the lag might not be apparent for other languages.
Could there have been something wrong with my setup?
2016  github  issue  plugin  performance  vim  neovim  forumthread  profiling  tips  configuration 
yesterday by ezequiel
[Discussion/Tracking] Defaults · Issue #2676 · neovim/neovim
I'm opening this issue to consolidate the discussions in #276, #1664, #1667, #2071 and elsewhere, and to have a place to track progress on the change of default settings.
issue  neovim  links  github  configuration  forumthread  vim 
yesterday by ezequiel
How do you go back to your to global current directory after inheriting an lcd - Vi and Vim Stack Exchange
Q: I frequently have one root project open which I've :cd'd to. I also have other tabs with :lcd's set. This is great and works really nicely, but occasionally I end up looking at something in the main project as a result of opening a Buffer from the main project in one of my other windows...
2018  vim  tips  forumthread  stackexchange 
yesterday by ezequiel

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