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Viewfinder Mountain Top Horizon Maps
Computer drawn panoramas from viewpoints. More than 200 panoramas from selected viewpoints.
geo  mountain  elevation  panorama  view  data  horizon  simulation 
5 hours ago by steffenfiedler
RT : When you are reading the about Common Table Expressions () to create an…
view  SQLite  recursive  documentation  CTE  from twitter_favs
9 days ago by aslakr
Big View Counts - Rodriques Law
Argues that even more than generating money, #crowdfunding shows viewer demand before your film is made and #investors like it #value proposition
value  proposition  crowdfunding  indie  film  pointofview  investor  demand  indiegogo  kickstarter  view  metric  market  viewer  supporter  19eyz  bullsi  finance 
13 days ago by csrollyson
Graph visualization - Linkurious
Linkurious helps organizations fight fraud, money-laundering, cyber-security and crimes with a detection and investigation platform for the visualization and analysis of connected data.
neo4j  graph  visualisation  view  node  leaf  connection  library  visual  representation  data  lineage  database  dataviz  fraud 
22 days ago by ebouchut

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