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Merger: a science-fiction short about corporations as literal (as well as figurative) AIs / Boing Boing Keiichi Matsuda created 2016's Hyper-Reality, an amazing, dystopian video about the future of augmented reality; now Matsuda is back with Merger, that plays darkly into the idea that corporations are a form of Slow AI that view humans as inconvenient gut-flora, a truth shot through our collective fears. Merger is a new film about…
business  capitalism  AI  videogames  scienceFiction  dystopia 
9 hours ago by basemaly
Plethora Project
Plethora-Project is a design studio with a mission to accelerate computational literacy in the frame of Architecture and Design. The project was inspired by the "show me your screens" motto of the TopLap live-coding group attempting to get rid of Obscurantism in digital design.
games  architecture  design  cities  videogames 
yesterday by basemaly
Palette List
Download over 100 pixel art palettes for free in 6 different formats which you can then import into any pixel art program and use for you art.
colors  palette  videogames 
5 days ago by simolinic
Obi Strip - MusicBrainz Wiki
An obi strip is a piece of paper wrapped around the spine of Japanese CDs, DVDs, movies, or books sometimes referred to as a "spine card".
ObiStrip  Japan  Japanese  CDs  DVDs  Film  TV  Books  Manga  VideoGames  Media  Packaging 
5 days ago by dk33per

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