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Watch Me Play excerpt: What a workday is like for a professional Twitch streamer.
What It’s Like to Be a Professional Live Video Game Streamer

Being good at gaming is only a small part of the gig.
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yesterday by jorgebarba
Games really need to fall out of love with Lovecraft
“It's time to let go of Lovecraft. No more tentacled multi-eyed monstrosities, no foggy fishing towns or ancient aliens posing as gods.”
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yesterday by samplereality
The Cutting Room Floor
"The Cutting Room Floor is a site dedicated to unearthing and researching unused and cut content from video games. From debug menus, to unused music, graphics, enemies, or levels, many games have content never meant to be seen by anybody but the developers — or even meant for everybody, but cut due to time/budget constraints. "
videogames  reference  history 
2 days ago by loimprevisto
What will be left of the people who make our games? - Polygon
Damning evaluation of the lack of union protections in the video game industry.
emotions  labor  videogames  polygon  opinion 
2 days ago by UltraNurd
Video games: the addiction
"a procedural event in which one's moral perception of the (admittedly much sillier) situation is scrambled by myriad other distractions."
videogame  videogames  addiction  culture  technology 
4 days ago by grantpotter
The Making of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2
"Arguably, because Dan Houser and Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar’s breakthrough hit, set the bar high for crime games, Amy Hennig (the Uncharted series) and Ken Levine (Bioshock) could raise it in other genres. “The Rockstar guys are just so good at making the world feel alive,” says Neil Druckmann, an award-winning game writer himself (The Last of Us), and the vice president of Naughty Dog, the studio behind the Uncharted series, which has sold many millions of copies. “Even just the beauty of riding a horse through gorgeous environments and having the light shifting — it feels so real.”"
rockstargames  nymag  vulture  culture  videogames  reddeadredemption2  rdr2  grandthefthorsey  storytelling 
4 days ago by danhon
“We’re Going to Have to Do Things That Are Unthinkable”: Masculinity/Games/Torture
Fascinating reading of torture in videogames as masculine ritual and affect (and builds on my own work on virtual torture)
links  torture  videogames 
8 days ago by samplereality

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