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Hunter's Field Guide
Mobile Field Guide for Monster Hunter: World
videogames  monster  hunter  world  mhw  guide 
yesterday by cla
Nintendo's Offensive, Tragic, and Totally Legal Erasure of ROM Sites
Nintendo sees emulation only through the lens of IP, sadly. What about preservation, access, or pedagogy?
videogames  fms321  links  syllabus 
yesterday by samplereality
How Epic Games keeps Fortnite online for millions of players | WIRED UK
Fortnite has hit 125 million players – peaking at 3.2 million concurrent gamers. Keeping it online requires some serious web infrastructure
gaming  videogames  wired  fortnite 
yesterday by jorgebarba
Zachtronics | TIS-100
"TIS-100 is an open-ended programming game in which you rewrite corrupted code segments to repair the TIS-100 and unlock its secrets. It’s the assembly language programming game you never asked for!"
videogames  to_play 
2 days ago by jbushnell
Discord Is Launching Its Own Curated Game Store
Back in June, ubiquitous chat company Discord launched a games tab that bore a slight resemblance to Steam’s front page. Now it’s launching its own store that resolutely refutes Steam’s anything-goes approach.
videogames  platform  business  publishing 
5 days ago by basemaly
The Animal Crossing letter system, explained
Twitter user delves into Animal Crossing’s letter system to explain how the game reads the letters and decides on the replies.
letter  system  animal  crossing  nintendo  3ds  videogames 
7 days ago by cla
Gameplaycafè by
per passione informazione per professione. Il nuovo portale Italiano dedicato a…
videogames  from twitter_favs
7 days ago by Tanzen
Gameplaycafè by
per passione informazione per professione. Il nuovo portale Italiano dedicato a…
videogames  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by Tanzen

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