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Aaron Longwell | Why Software Development Requires Servant Leaders | Culture Foundry
The highest type of ruler is one of whose existence the people are barely aware.

Next comes one whom they love and praise. Next comes one whom they fear. Next comes one whom they despise and defy.

When you are lacking in faith, Others will be unfaithful to you.

The Sage is self-effacing and scanty of words. When his task is accomplished and things have been completed, All the people say, “We ourselves have achieved it!“

— Lao Tzu

When considering a project, consider the growth opportunity it represents for each member of your team. Always have an ear trained toward learning what challenges they are ready to take on.

Establish trust with your team by showing you care and looking out for their best interests. Protect them from unreasonable deadlines or unnecessary off-project work. Immediately recognize their achievements. Give them every available tool and advantage to achieve their goals, but do not protect them from the consequences of their own behavior.

Computers are unyielding in their need for precise instructions, and developers spend most of their day talking with them.

This requires active listening during stand ups and other meetings. Great managers hone their “blocker radar” by noticing patterns in status reports. When a developer’s standup is nearly identical today as it was yesterday, they notice; the developer might not be blocked yet, but they definitely didn’t achieve yesterday what they expected, and might be at risk of being blocked soon.

Things often take a meandering path between the customer and the programming task. When developers don’t understand the Why behind a request, they can struggle with motivation or even misinterpret the request and build the wrong thing. As the liaison between the team and the customer, the manager needs to excel at understanding the customer better than anyone else. If you don’t understand why a requirement exists… find out. Put yourself in the customers shoes to understand the underlying needs behind their requests.
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Women's Pockets are Inferior.
On average, the pockets in women’s jeans are 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower than men’s pockets.
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CSS Scan
Instantly check or copy computed CSS from any element on the internet
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kholia/OSX-KVM: Run El Capitan, macOS Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave on QEMU/KVM. No support is provided at the moment.
Run El Capitan, macOS Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave on QEMU/KVM. No support is provided at the moment.
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