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Fossil: Home
Fossil is a simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management system
computers  version_control 
9 days ago by tardigrader
Makefile.feld - Git Is Not Revision Control
phk of FreeBSD: "A lot of the features Git provides, features which are what makes it great as a colaboration tool, flies in the face or or directly invalidates the guarantees you normally expect from a VCS, most notably progression of time & version, immutability and consistency of view. But in many cases Git is an adequate substitute for a VCS, you just have to augment it with an out-of-band definition of which tree is the 'definitive', and settle who gets to define what 'a version' means. This is why github exists in the first place."
git  piperesearch  version_control  collaboration 
14 days ago by mechazoidal
Bazaar on windows - Howto
A collection of guidelines, tutorials and instructions on various tools, processes and approaches
version_control  bazaar  howto  programming 
14 days ago by kger
Learn Version Control with Git for Free
Our learn section helps you get started with various web and software skills. Free online books, videos, and ebooks get you off the ground as quickly as possible.
web_development  version_control  git  tutorials 
14 days ago by kger
gmaster - Git GUI
gmaster is a Git client for Windows: Branch Explorer, Side-by-side diff, 3-way merge, Analyze Refactors, Semantic diff and merge. Enjoy Git now!
software  version_control  git 
23 days ago by kger
Gitkube | gitkube
Gitkube is a tool for building and deploying docker images on Kubernetes using git push.

After a simple initial setup, users can simply keep git push-ing their repos to build and deploy to Kubernetes automatically.

When should I use gitkube?
Ideal for development where you can push your WIP branch to the cluster to test.
Reference implementation for writing git-based automation on your server. Fork this repo and create your own CRD + controller + git remote hook that can do things on the Kubernetes cluster.
kubernetes  continuous_integration  @devenvironment  Docker  git  version_control 
5 weeks ago by archangel
korfuri/awesome-monorepo: A curated list of awesome Monorepo tools, software and architectures.
A curated list of awesome Monorepo tools, software and architectures. Monorepos, short for mono-repositories, are repositories that contain multiple projects, usually related to each other.
devops  git  monorepo  version_control 
7 weeks ago by rdark
git tips
Collection of git-tips, want to add your tips? Checkout
git  version_control  Programming:best_practices  to_teach 
7 weeks ago by hallucigenia
git everyday commands
[Individual Developer (Standalone)] commands are essential for anybody who makes a commit, even for somebody who works alone.

If you work with other people, you will need commands listed in the [Individual Developer (Participant)] section as well.

People who play the [Integrator] role need to learn some more commands in addition to the above.

[Repository Administration] commands are for system administrators who are responsible for the care and feeding of Git repositories.
git  version_control  Programming:best_practices  to_teach 
7 weeks ago by hallucigenia
--force considered harmful; understanding git's --force-with-lease
Git's push --force is destructive because it unconditionally overwrites the remote repository with whatever you have locally, possibly overwriting any changes that a team member has pushed in the meantime. However there is a better way; the option --force-with-lease can help when you do need to do a forced push but still ensure you don't overwrite other's work.
version_control  git  patterns 
8 weeks ago by archangel

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