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Chris's Wiki :: blog/tech/VCSVsMetadata
But, unfortunately, I've come to believe that there are practical
issues for VCS usage that conflict with capturing and restoring
metadata, especially once you get into advanced cases such as file
attributes. Finally, you
have to decide what to do if you can't restore a particular piece
of metadata on checkout (either because it's not supported on this
system or because of various potential errors). This is a perfectly sensible decision for what they're aimed at,
in line with how current VCSes don't do well at handling various
sorts of encoded data (starting with JSON blobs and moving up to,
say, word processor documents). Would it be nice to have a perfect VCS, one that captured everything,
could restore everything if you asked for it, and knew how to give you
useful differences even between things like word processor documents? Current VCSes explicitly make the tradeoff that they
are focused on plain text files in situations where only some sorts of
metadata are important.
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4 days ago by sechilds
Do your commits pass this simple test?
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9 weeks ago by archangel
The History of Version Control
noting that the simple linear-based workflows are "good enough" for most creative industries: "Watching something evolve over time often eliminates confusion. It makes the conversation around the finished product much more productive. Most importantly, it instantly establishes trust among everyone invested. [...] That is to say, merely recording the history of files over time will suffice rather than worrying about how to merge different sets of work."
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9 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Managing generated files in GitHub
How to suppress the diff view of generated files.
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10 weeks ago by archangel

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