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97M-UCS – Safe Jack
base plate system for bottle jacks and high lift jacks.
adventure  vehicle 
7 days ago by masukomi
5 Vehicle Maintenance Tasks to Complete This Fall
Before you can go anywhere, here are some vehicle maintenance tasks to take care of first.
vehicle  vehicle-care  vehicle-maintenance 
8 days ago by Adventure_Web
Press releases | Volvo Trucks
Looks like the low slung Steinwinter tractor-trailer, featured in the Highwayman TV series in the 80's...

It's an interesting retrofit solution for the existing 5-th wheel trailer fleet, though I would have expected a better windbreak in front of the trailer front end.
Volvo  concept  design  truck  cab  tractor  autonomoous  cargo  5th  wheel  trailer  vehicle  transportation  UGV  unmanned  electric 
10 days ago by asteroza
Different Types of Drive Systems for Your Vehicle
Let’s say the engine of your current car or truck has failed and you need a new ride. One of the questions you could have is what difference the drive systems make?
drive-systems  vehicle  car  truck 
15 days ago by Adventure_Web

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