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montmanu/docker-varnish-nginx-example: Simple example of using docker-compose to configure nginx behind varnish
Simple example of using docker-compose to configure nginx behind varnish - montmanu/docker-varnish-nginx-example
docker  varnish 
25 days ago by muffinista
eea.docker.varnish/varnish at master · eea/eea.docker.varnish
Varnish docker image with reload and conf.d support - eea/eea.docker.varnish
varnish  docker 
26 days ago by muffinista
Use Varnish & NGINX to Serve WordPress over SSL & HTTP on Debian 8
One Varnish drawback is that it doesn’t support SSL-encrypted traffic. You can circumvent this issue by using NGINX for both SSL decryption and as a backend web server. Using NGINX for both tasks reduces the complexity of the setup, leading to fewer potential points of failure, lower resource consumption, and fewer components to maintain.
wordpress  varnish  nginx  cache 
5 weeks ago by mclinn

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