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Is the future bright for Vancouver renters? | Vancouver Courier
What did you find most frustrating about the debate in the last few years about how to improve renters’ lives?

The lack of recognition of how desperately needed more secure, purpose-built rental housing is. We have a shortage of something, as reflected in the vacancy rate, that people say is a human right. Still, we have all these arguments about whether or not apartments can be built in certain places, and put all these conditions on how they should look. There’s a contradiction there between saying housing is a human right, which I completely agree that it is, and yet saying you can’t build the housing there or there or there. Or that [a proposed building] shades my back yard, or it needs to have this pitch of roof or I don’t like the tiles — and making it go through this long rezoning process, with a design review, and everything. And they wonder why it takes so long to address the shortage.
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How are condos used? | Home: Free Sociology!
Jens von Bergmann; Nathanael Lauster; Douglas Harris research post
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