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Vagrant remote PHP & CLI debugging with PHPStorm
How to enable PHP remote debugging in PHPStorm if Vagrant is used and using a short Shell script for remote PHP CLI debugging.

How to enable PHP remote debugging in PHPStorm if Vagrant is used and using a short Shell script for remote PHP CLI debugging.

php  vagrant  environment  server  xdebug  debug  tools  phpstorm 
6 days ago by michaelfox
What are Vagrant and VirtualBox and How Do I Use Them? – Tania Rascia
I've gotten to the point in my web development career where I can no longer avoid the words
vagrant  tutorial  vm  howto  documentation  lamp  webdev  osx  install 
10 days ago by stechico
Elegant virtualization with Vagrant
Vagrant is an ingenious tool for standardizing virtual machine configuration. Inventor Mitchell Hashimoto introduces the tool succinctly in The Tao of Vagran...
vagrant  tutorial  vm  howto  documentation  lamp  webdev  osx  homebrew  install 
10 days ago by stechico
Introduction · macOS Setup Guide
This guide covers the basics of setting up a development environment on a new Mac. Whether you are an experienced programmer or not, this guide is intended for everyone to use as a reference for setting up your environment or installing languages/libraries.
osx  setup  install  webdev  guide  howto  lamp  docker  vagrant  vm 
10 days ago by stechico
Minimal 100mb web development virtual server for vagrant - Tom Butler is a small and very easy to use virtual server.

ncludes up to date PHP development software*:
php  vagrant  webdev 
10 days ago by mhd
Add a Ansible task to allow PasswordAuthentication=yes for sshd_config. : ansible
- name: Change PasswordAuthentication = yes
path: /etc/ssh/sshd_config
regexp: ^([# \t]+PasswordAuthentication|PasswordAuthentication\])[ \t].*
line: 'PasswordAuthentication = yes'
validate: 'sshd -tf %s'
backup: yes
notify: Reload sshd

- name: Reload sshd
name: sshd
state: reloaded
ansible  vagrant 
17 days ago by zmoog
Vagrant vs Docker: Which is better for WordPress development?
Find out what the difference is between Vagrant and Docker, which is better, and see how to set up a WordPress development site in each.
docker  vagrant  wordpress  comparison  virtualization 
19 days ago by incredimike

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