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Screenlife App — A UI/UX case study (UX Collective)
Неплохой рассказ о работе над дизайном приложения Screenlife для записи видео работы пользователя на мобильном от Elvis Obanya.
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2 hours ago by jvetrau
@dribbble : page of About a watch phone redesign by erics for Radesign https://t.co/v3e7aHpS0K #dribbble #dribbblers #ui #ux #design https://t.co/tfUiRFOEGW http://twitter.com/dribbble/status/1031229826898833408
Twitter  design  modo  web-design  layout  create  creative  web  look  feel  how  how-to  howto  inspiration  webdev  graphic  graphics  UI  UX  user  interface  user-interface  Twitt 
6 hours ago by dcolanduno
How to Design for the Modern Web – Commit Log – Medium
The very first thing you must do when a user visits your website is to show them a big modal dialog telling them that they should just install the mobile application instead.
ux  webdesign 
6 hours ago by mvuijlst

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