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Vandaag studiedag FabLib (g)een Utopie. rond democratisering via makerslabs in…
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What Can We Learn from Utopians of the Past?  | The New Yorker
Four nineteenth-century authors offered blueprints for a better world—but their progressive visions had a dark side.
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4 weeks ago by soobrosa
Why We Need Utopian Fiction Now More Than Ever
“No work of dystopian fiction has ever stopped the scenarios it portrays from happening,” he argues. “1984 didn’t prevent the surveillance state, and Blade Runner didn’t hinder corporate destruction of our environment.” Barrett feels that while dystopia is reactive, utopia is proactive. “If we present hopeful futures, then I genuinely believe we increase their likelihood.” Barrett theorizes that inspiration is a powerful force for change, and we can already see how fictional utopias have inspired real life innovations.
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