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This looks absolutely bonkers... and hugely lightweightly powerful: #ddj /via @simonw (I w…
data  tool  terminal  utility  sqlite  datasette  ddj 
yesterday by psychemedia
Instructions - W10Privacy
W10Privacy is started by a simple double-click. During startup, the program reads in the current settings and then displays the main window.

At the beginning, the settings of the "Privacy" tab will be displayed. Depending on the settings currently set on the system, checkmarks are placed in front of the various menu items. A checkmark means that the respective option is set on the system.
security  privacy  Windows-10  utility 
2 days ago by kOoLiNuS
lancedikson/bowser: a browser detector
a browser detector. Contribute to lancedikson/bowser development by creating an account on GitHub.
utility  JS  browser 
3 days ago by kensnyder
VisiData is an open source powertool for exploring and manipulating data. It combines the clarity of a spreadsheet, the efficiency of the terminal, and the power of Python, into a lightweight utility which can handle millions of rows with ease.
cli  data  terminal  python  csv  xls  sqlite  tool  utility 
3 days ago by brunns
Paste to Markdown
1. Find the text to convert to Markdown (e.g., in another browser tab)
2. Copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C, or ⌘+C on Mac)
3. Paste it into this window (Ctrl+V, or ⌘+V on Mac)
4. The converted Markdown will appear!

The conversion is carried out by to-markdown, a Markdown converter written in JavaScript and running locally in the browser.
convert  markdown  html  utility  online  javascript  clipboard  tool 
7 days ago by blumenberg
Utility to auto lock/wake/unlock macOS via BTLE from iOS devices and trackpad/magic mouse tap combos.
macos  security  utility  wjf 
7 days ago by rbrenner
7 best Linux live CD distro for 7 different purpose - PCsuggest
There are many Linux live CD distribution, so which one is more feature packed or which one fulfill your need? Lets find out with these 7 special purpose Linux live distro.
distros  distro  linux  live  usb  utility  boot 
9 days ago by cyberchucktx
TAYL - Turn websites into podcasts
TAYL is the app that gives your content a voice. 🗣 Turn any webpage, blog or article into audio, and listen instantly or later via Podcasts. 🎧 ✌️
utility  podcast 
10 days ago by Aoterra

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