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Building a Daily Systems Report Email With PowerShell - Simple Talk
A combination of PowerShell and HTML can provide the basis of an easily-scanned report on the basic state of a whole group of servers. Sean combined a range of routine health-checks to provide himself a useful range of information about his servers to his in-box.
daily  report  powershell  system  util 
7 days ago by jgear
3 Colors-Gradient Generator | Colorffy
Color gradients and palettes daily! Get css, image, and ui previews.
gradient  colors  color  css  design  UI/UX  util  webdev  colour  cool 
7 days ago by speckz
Best project structure when using go 1.11 mod · Issue #18 · golang-standards/project-layout
The first thing you will run into when using go.mod, putting code outside GOPATH, and using the recommended folder structure is that your cmd/ does not have access to your internal or pkg folder. Therefore you are automatically required ...
go  golang  template  package  structure  organization  util  internal  important 
6 weeks ago by vonc

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