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Samsung launches Galaxy Note 9 with big screen and Fortnite | Technology | The Guardian
“It remains to be seen whether these will be enough to impress those outside the fiercely loyal Note user base.”

The Note 9 will also be able to use Samsung’s Android-on-a-desktop mode called DeX, as with the Korean firm’s more recent top-end smartphones, but without the add-on dock, instead simply requiring a cable plugged into the bottom of the phone and into a monitor.
Note9  Samsung  smartphone  hdmiyes  USB-C  dockingstation 
4 days ago by dominomaster
Samsung brengt Galaxy Tab S4 op 24 augustus uit voor 699 euro - Tablets en telefoons - Nieuws - Tweakers
De tablet heeft een usb-c-poort waarmee de 7300mAh-accu kan worden opgeladen.

Volgens Samsung kan de Tab S4 met DeX gebruikt worden als een pc-omgeving waarin je kunt multitasken, vensters kunt vergroten en verkleinen en inhoud van de ene app naar een andere app kunt slepen. Met een hdmi-adapter is de tablet als een tweede scherm te gebruiken. Net als bij de Tab S3 levert Samsung een S Pen mee, de stylus die ook bij de Galaxy Note-toestellen zit.
Samsung  USB-C  tablet  Android  TabS4  2560x1600  microSDXC  microSDXCyes  Slimport  Slimport-compatible 
16 days ago by dominomaster - Company List
Check a company with this website to see if they truly are a member and their claims can be trusted. Ex: C-AUTH (USB-C fast charging).
usb  USB-C 
26 days ago by chrismyth
VirtualLink USB-C Alt Mode Announced: Standardized Connector for VR Headsets
"Backed by NVIDIA, AMD, Oculus, Valve, and Microsoft, the new VirtualLink standard is a USB Type-C alternate mode that will be able to supply all of the necessary power, video information, and data over a single Type-C cable and connector."
usb-c  standard  cable  connector  virtuallink  alternatemode  vr  nvidia  amd  oculus  valve  microsoft 
4 weeks ago by danhon
Certified USB PowerBricks pdf
Official list of USB-IF certified products.
5 weeks ago by tylerham
USB-C Compliant Cables - Nexus 6p, Nexus 5x, and OnePlus 2 USB Cables
Not all usb-c cables are created the same. Benson Leung at Google has reviewed numerous cables, and there are quite a few non-compliant cables. These cables can result in weird, or even dangerous behavior.
2018  USB-C  cables  hardware  Google 
7 weeks ago by jmello
Why USB-C headphones aren’t, and likely never will be, mainstream • The Verge
Vlad Savov:
<p>The most obvious factor working against USB-C headphones is that the two biggest smartphone makers don’t need them. Apple’s iPhones might lack a headphone jack but they also don’t have a USB-C port, while Samsung retains the 3.5mm port, so neither the iPhone X nor the latest Galaxy S9 family are in need of USB-C earphones. Things could change if Samsung were to drop the analog connection, too, but for now at least, the market for USB-C headphones is dramatically constrained by the absence of demand from the two most popular phone brands. In any case, for tech companies that want to produce headphones that work with both Apple and Samsung gear, the obvious universal standard today is to go wireless via Bluetooth.

Talking with Jabra at CES in January about the wireless Elite 65t that the company had just announced, I asked why the new buds charged via the old (and <a href="">busted</a>) Micro USB. The answer was cost. Jabra could have used a USB-C charger — and, in the process, streamlined life for people like me with a USB-C-charging laptop and phone, allowing us to carry only one charger and cable around with us — but that would have pushed the Elite 65t up into a higher price bracket. I’ve heard the same sentiment expressed over and over again, even from the typically less cost-conscious Bang & Olufsen, which defended its use of Micro USB charging for the Beoplay E8 wireless buds on the basis of cost.

During Computex earlier this month, Synaptics was showing off a PQI My Lockey USB-A dongle that provides ultra secure fingerprint authentication for Windows 10 machines, targeting business customers especially. When I asked why not a USB-C version as well, Synaptics VP Godfrey Cheng told me that a USB-C version could be as much as 25 percent more expensive, taking a $100 product up to $125. That might be a price worth paying if the entire world is using USB-C devices, but as of today, it’s a prohibitive additional cost.</p>

Vlad hates micro-USB; likes USB-C. Reality seems to disagree, in multiple ways.
headphone  usbc  usb-c 
8 weeks ago by charlesarthur
It's 2018 and USB Type-C is still a mess - Android Authority
Even the seemingly most basic function of USB Type-C — powering devices — has become a mess of compatibility issues, conflicting proprietary standards, and a general lack of consumer information to guide purchasing decisions. The problem is that the features supported by different devices aren’t clear, yet the defining principle of the USB Type-C standard makes consumers think everything should just work.
usb  usb-c  standards  cable 
9 weeks ago by bezthomas

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