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The Atlas Of Redistricting | FiveThirtyEight
See how seven different ways of drawing congressional districts across the country — from pretty fair to seriously gerrymandered — could change the partisan and racial makeup of the U.S. House.
data  visualization  politics  gerrymander  usa 
41 minutes ago by dizzzz
We are at Gangneung Curling Center for some v 🥌! The South Korean team is all surnamed Kim, so they go by…
kor  usa  from twitter_favs
4 hours ago by dalcrose
Why ‘Black Panther’ Is a Defining Moment for Black America
"The artistic movement called Afrofuturism, a decidedly black creation, is meant to go far beyond the limitations of the white imagination. It isn’t just the idea that black people will exist in the future, will use technology and science, will travel deep into space. It is the idea that we will have won the future."
race  usa  comics  movies 
9 hours ago by ingenu
Evette Dionne (Mrs. Boseman, preferably) 🤔 on Twitter
“Chadwick Boseman is from a small town in South Carolina. He went to Howard, was mentored by Phylicia Rashad, and then moved to Bedstuy to write screenplays. Now, he’s Black Panther, and has command of his future. What a story. The world is ours.”
culture  usa  movie  2018  comicbooks  race 
12 hours ago by axodys
mortalcoil1 comments on Mueller levels new claim of bank fraud against Manafort
Then it happened. The flood happened. I don't remember the exact date and time, but it seemed like over night all I saw was anti-Clinton messaging.
usa  russia  politics  facebook 
20 hours ago by SimonHurtz
Mass shootings in the US: there have been 1,624 in 1,870 days | US news | The Guardian
Data from the Gun Violence Archive reveals there is a mass shooting – defined as four or more people shot in one incident, not including the shooter – nine out of every 10 days on average
usa  guns  guardian 
21 hours ago by nxg
Watching these elderly Jews have Shabbat dinner at Wendy’s will make your week
We watch the group sitting around the tables, saying the blessings over the candles, the wine, and the challah. We see them order and eat their food, we watch them chat and laugh. Then we see them drive off, smiling, in their golf carts in the cool desert night. “Living by yourself, and having a group like going to Wendy’s — it gives you a feeling of belonging,” says one woman. And if that’s not the feeling of Shabbat, then we don’t know what is.
videos  religion  usa 
22 hours ago by terry
Immigration: Green Card, Visa and U.S. Citizenship
Immigration Flow Chart is a road map to green card, showing nearly all paths to legal permanent residence in a one-page document.
Immigration  USA  Green  Card  Visa 
22 hours ago by FreemanZY
Online Animal Health Solutions | GlobalvetLink
GlobalVetLINK’s products improve animal wellness and assist in animal safety by offering a system that simplifies compliance with animal movement requirements and Animal Disease Traceability (ADT). GVL uniquely connects veterinarians, animal owner and producers, industry partners, governmental officials and diagnostic laboratories.
vetinary  compliance  animalhealth  ml  USA 
23 hours ago by shalmaneser

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