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tus - resumable file uploads
Our aim is to solve the problem of unreliable file uploads once and for all. tus is a new open protocol for resumable uploads built on HTTP. It offers simple, cheap and reusable stacks for clients and servers. It supports any language, any platform and any network.
upload  protocol  resumable  resumable-uploads  development 
14 days ago by jeromegamez
ammar1y/s3upload: Upload multiple files to AWS S3, make them public, and get their URLs easily from the command line.
Upload multiple files to AWS S3, make them public, and get their URLs easily from the command line. - ammar1y/s3upload
python  aws  s3  upload 
14 days ago by geetarista
Uppy File Uploader
An alternative to the now-archived FineUploader project.
programming  javascript  file  upload  uploader  uploading  react16 
15 days ago by acemarke
How to upload a generic file into a Jenkins job? - Stack Overflow
Use the file parameter to be able to provide an upload, such as an Ant build.xml, on every build.
howto  example  stackoverflow  upload  file  build  build.xml  buildfile  ant  jenkins  server  parameterized  configuration  setting  guide  reference 
27 days ago by racl101
Parameterized Build - Jenkins - Jenkins Wiki
Use the file parameter to be able to provide an upload, such as an Ant build.xml, on every build.
jenkins  wiki  guide  reference  documentation  tutorial  parameterized  build  upload  build.xml  ant  buildfile  howto  example 
27 days ago by racl101

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