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15年处长、副处长的一个深刻体会是:一般工作人员、副处长、处长的职责要求是很不一样的。 via Pocket
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2 days ago by Teecy
Upgrade to System Center Orchestrator 2019 » TechGuy
Since a few days, System Center 2019 is GA, so lets upgrade our environment to the latest bits. I will start with System Center 2019 Orchestrator.

Very important note here, System C

So lets start with a quick overview on what’s new.

What’s new with SCO 2019

Support for PowerShell 4.0+

Support for SQL 2017

Support for TLS 1.2

Enhancement on SSH

SM/SCOM Integration Enhancements.

Support for PowerShell x64 (will come with UR 1 for 2019)

Prepare the Upgrade

You can upgrade to System Center Orchestrator 2019 from the following Version

Orchestrator 2016 UR6

Orchestrator 1801

Orchestrator 1807

Make sure to backup the Orchestrator DB, you never know.

Make a note of all you Integration Packs.


Stop all Runbook

Now, uninstall all Orchestrator components on all Server

Important, keep the Database, if asked

Run the 2019 Setup Files

Enter all the Information’s

After some minutes, Orchestrator 2019 is installed

Michael Seidl aka Techguy


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5 days ago by seidlm
How to upgrade the RAM in your Dell XPS 15 (9570) | Windows Central
If you bought a Dell XPS 15 (9570) with only 8GB of RAM, you may want to add more. Here's how to double, or even quadruple, the amount of RAM in your XPS 15.
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6 days ago by akozlovsky

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