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Network or UNIX-domain socket · OpenBSD netcat demystified
Tutorial su nc (netcat) scritto molto bene. E' utile sia a capire come funziona netcat che a capire per cosa è utile.
netcat  unix  tutorial 
4 hours ago by microspino
Understanding the bin, sbin, usr/bin , usr/sbin split
unix  history  filesystem 
18 hours ago by summerwind
finally figured out the right order for symlinking
unix  from twitter
yesterday by silentbicycle
RE: command not found2: pwd and other errors
”You have dos line ends, which recent versions of bash no longer support by default. d2u it.”
unix  reference  windows  script  sysadmin  wsl 
2 days ago by kr4d
systemd root escalation
If your UID > MAX_INT you get to be root
badtech  systemd  security  unix  bug 
2 days ago by nelson
run command when a file changes
unix  linux  macos 
3 days ago by timmorgan

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