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Boost performance in your 2D games with Unity Tilemap
What you will get from this page: An understanding of how the Tilemap feature in Unity improves the performance of your 2D games and apps, compared to using Sprites. Performance areas covered include Scene size, Serialization, Renderer overhead, and Batching. Thanks to Unity software developer Sophia Clarke for the Tilemap performance tips.
unity  game  performance  platformer 
11 hours ago by vancura
Unity performance best practice with Rider, part 2
Last time, we looked at Rider’s new performance indicators for Unity, which highlight expensive operations inside performance critical contexts, such as calling GetComponent inside an Update method.
rider  performance  unity  c# 
11 hours ago by vancura
How to Simulate and Render Blobs
Simulate and render blobs with these 45 easy steps!
softbody  blobs  unity  softbodies  simulation  render  paper 
2 days ago by olafyoorsen
LotteMakesStuff/SimplePhysicsDemo: A simple lil demo showing a jobified physics system
A simple lil demo showing a jobified physics system - LotteMakesStuff/SimplePhysicsDemo
c#  job  system  unity  example  github  project  physics  unity3d 
4 days ago by olafyoorsen
SRP Batcher: Speed up your rendering! – Unity Blog
In 2018, we’ve introduced a highly customizable rendering technology we call Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP). A part of this is a new low-level engine rendering loop called SRP Batcher that can speed up your CPU during rendering by 1.2x to 4x, depending on the Scene. Let’s see how to use this feature at its best!
gamedev  unity  blog  srp  batching 
8 days ago by jakobb

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