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FCC Resolves White Spaces Issues - Multichannel
The FCC has sent the signal that allowing the so-called white spaces between TV channels to be used for fixed and mobile wireless devices are ready for prime time.
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4 days ago by stevesong
Evelyn Waugh on Ash Wednesday.. | Charlotte was Both
"Only three states can be said to have a strong, continuous Catholic tradition — Louisiana, Maryland and New Mexico. In the first of these the Church has never known persecution or even discouragement and over a length of time that is not an entirely healthy condition. Catholics need to be reminded every few generations that theirs is a challenging creed. In no European country have the faithful been subject to so enervating a toleration as have the inhabitants of New Orleans. It is therefore not surprising that they take their faith easily and sentimentally, with some skepticism among the rich and some superstition among the poor, of the kind that was found in France before the Revolution. It is one of the Devil’s devices to persuade people that their religion is so much “in their bones” that they do not have to bother; that it is rather poor taste to talk too much about it…"
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16 days ago by lsouzek
RT : This is what 150 years of US employment looks like
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21 days ago by edelagrave
This is what 150 years of US employment looks like
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21 days ago by adamayers
The worst thing about each of the fifty states
I love that the answer for Oregon is: February. We all know it!
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26 days ago by jdroth

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