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Hello, my name is Stéphanie
But some of you call me St�phanie, St?phanie, Stêphanie or Stéphanie. This is a tale about naming, encoding and user experience in a globalized diverse world.
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yesterday by spaceninja
how python3 decodes the sys.argv to unicode
(it's a hack, as so much of the forced decoding is on unix-y bytes-oriented systems. see this for details https://github.com/python/cpython/blob/master/Python/fileutils.c#L426-L447 )
python  software  unicode 
3 days ago by mahmoud
Detecting the Terminal.app locale (LC_TYPE) from KM - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
This post has some promising pointers on setting a local within Keyboard Maestro when it calls a shell script.

Basically, add this to the beginning of the Execute Script command in Keyboard Maestro:


LANGSTATE="$(defaults read -g AppleLocale).UTF-8"

if [[ "$LC_CTYPE" != *"UTF-8"* ]]; then
keyboardmaestro  2014  local  utf8  unicode 
5 days ago by handcoding
Set pbcopy to use UTF-8 by default - Mac OS X Hints
You probably shouldn’t need to use this, and yet who knows.
pbcopy  2009  mac  osx  macos  utf8  unicode 
5 days ago by handcoding
PEP 263 -- Defining Python Source Code Encodings | Python.org
This PEP proposes to introduce a syntax to declare the encoding of a Python source file. The encoding information is then used by the Python parser to interpret the file using the given encoding. Most notably this enhances the interpretation of Unicode literals in the source code and makes it possible to write Unicode literals using e.g. UTF-8 directly in an Unicode aware editor.
encoding  python  source  spec  documentation  unicode 
5 days ago by ezequiel
utf 8 - Reading a UTF8 CSV file with Python - Stack Overflow
Q: I am trying to read a CSV file with accented characters with Python (only French and/or Spanish characters). Based on the Python 2.5 documentation for the csvreader (http://docs.python.org/library/csv.html), I came up with the following code to read the CSV file since the csvreader supports only ASCII. [...]
2009  forumthread  stackexchange  python  example  tips  encoding  textprocessing  fileformats  unicode 
5 days ago by ezequiel
A Chess Piece is Emojified
157 new emojis are coming in 2018, but two of these are already Unicode characters. What does it mean to be turned into an emoji?
Included in the new 2018 emoji list is a chess pawn. This has been around in the Unicode Standard since 1993, but is about to get an upgrade. It's going to be Emojified.
Above: Chess Pawn is a new emoji coming in 2018.
emoji  chess  unicode 
6 days ago by rgl7194

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