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Equifax, others must secure apps as part of New York settlement
The New York attorney general’s office said five apps made by well-known companies could have leaked user data. The firms – Western Union, Priceline, Equifax, Spark Networks, and Credit Sesame – have agreed to revamp the security of their apps as part of a settlement.
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The art of Defendo, or how to fight like a Canadian: ‘Destroy them. Don’t feel sorry for them’ • National Post
Joe O'Connor with the story of Bill Underwood, who created two western martial arts: "Combato" and "Defendo". A story worth your time:
<p>John Ferris was 15-years-old, athletic and apprehensive, upon meeting Bill Underwood for the first time, at the old man’s self-defence academy in Toronto’s east end. Underwood was in a white undershirt, dress pants and stocking feet. He wore owlish glasses with black frames and looked like an 84-year-old Grandpa, with a stick-out belly, long arms and a kindly way. When he spoke, his accent betrayed his British roots, while his preference for tea — two bags to a cup — did not hint at any internal menace or capacity to cause grave bodily harm. 

“Bill was a short old man,” Ferris recalls. “The first time I was introduced to him he came right over, and it was as if he wanted me to know that it didn’t matter that I was young — I still didn’t stand a chance against him. And then he put me down, hard and fast, and I remember saying, ‘Bill, that really hurts,” and Bill said to me: “Don’t worry. Nothing is going to break.”” 

So began Ferris’ stint as a human rag doll, with suitably flexible limbs and forgiving bones that an octogenarian, in glasses and an undershirt, would wrench and twist and throw about gymnasiums and church basements, demonstrating his craft.

“Bill was a showman,” Ferris says.

He was that, and more.</p>
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june 2017 by charlesarthur
Samuel Underwood Family Tree
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march 2017 by rhyser
RT : Have you checked this out? Pearson's has great in cans.
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