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Feature-based SLAM for Imaging Sonar with Under-constrained Landmarks
Recent algorithms have demonstrated the feasibility of underwater feature-based SLAM using imaging sonar. But previous methods have either relied on manual feature extraction and correspondence or used prior knowledge of the scene, such as the planar scene assumption. Our proposed system provides a general-purpose method for feature-point extraction and correspondence in arbitrary scenes. Additionally,
we develop a method of identifying point landmarks that are likely to be well-constrained and reliably reconstructed. Finally, we demonstrate that while under-constrained landmarks cannot be accurately reconstructed themselves, they can still be used to constrain and correct the sensor motion. These advances represent a large step towards general-purpose, feature-based SLAM with imaging sonar.
paper  underwater  sonar  slam  feature  data-association 
15 days ago by jinkun
Oceans S1, the scuba dive computer with buddy communication. by Team Oceans — Kickstarter
Dive comp with an acoustic ping system to grab the attention of other wearers in range. Not texting though.
underwater  diving  communication  acoustic  ping  attention  hardware  electronics  devices 
february 2019 by asteroza
New 'tent' makes it possible to camp underwater
Small enough to be checked as luggage. Can sleep in it.
underwater  tent  diving  cool  invention 
january 2019 by dandv
Heavy duty sealable plastic sacks for taking cameras underwater; Faraday bags to protect cellphones or other electronic equipment from intrusion or interference; odorproof searable bags that keep bears and other wildlife from being attracted by the smell of food.
Loksak  bags  underwater  Faraday  bears  intrusion  interference  odorproof 
december 2018 by tomjlowe

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