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Colombia to ask UN for special envoy to manage Venezuelan ...
Trujillo reiterated that Colombia would withdraw from the Union of South American Nations (Unasur)
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Hypocritic Oath – Foreign Policy, Feb 9, 2018
Since 2013, WHO has spent millions of dollars on behalf of the Syrian Ministry of Defense to buy blood bags, transfusion equipment, cross-matching and screening kits for blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV. WHO continues to subsidize the ministry even though none of those medical supplies are permitted to reach Ghouta. Meanwhile, the bombs dropped on Ghouta cause bloodshed that exposes medical personnel and patients to hepatitis B and C, HIV, and other blood-borne diseases. In a particularly sinister move, the Assad regime consistently removes all screening kits and hepatitis B vaccines from convoys going to areas besieged by its forces.

“Deletion” is code for the Assad authorities’ banning of surgical supplies and essential medicines from besieged areas. This policy is implemented first by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; then by the Ministry of Health, which has an entire department, the Department of Preparedness, dedicated to “deletions”; and finally by the Syrian security forces that control U.N. and Red Cross warehouses.

When the Foreign Ministry approves a convoy, the Health Ministry cuts the list of hundreds of medicines considered essential in government territory down to a few dozen. Sterilization equipment is withheld, forcing surgeons to reuse surgical items without sterilization between operations. Intravenous antibiotics, anti-tuberculosis drugs, dialysis sets, polio and measles vaccines, iron and folic acid for expectant mothers, and formula and multivitamins for infants are either denied or supplied in pitiful amounts. Not even paper for the few electrocardiogram machines is permitted. In a cruel irony, WHO and UNICEF provide abundant supplies of lice shampoo and scabies lotion, which are permitted in unlimited quantities by Syrian authorities, even though they are not needed by civilians desperate for insulin and dialysis.

Even once this process of deletions is completed, pro-regime forces at checkpoints may remove items, such as dialysis equipment, or contaminate them, such as by mixing rice with bird feces or glass. One official, Dr. Al-Hajjaj al-Sharaa, the director of the Department of Preparedness, also heads the Al-Sham Foundation, an Assad-approved nongovernmental organization and a major implementing partner for WHO and UNICEF. He is conveniently positioned to redistribute deleted items for his own political and financial gain. Another of WHO’s implementing partners, the Al-Bustan Foundation, is owned by Rami Makhluf, Assad’s cousin and a well-known war criminal. Makhluf was placed on the U.S. Treasury Department’s sanctions list in May 2017 for money laundering.
UN  blockade  Mar15  Damascus  health 
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U.N. says it has credible reports that China holds million Uighurs in secret camps | Reuters
A U.N. human rights panel said on Friday that it had received many credible reports that 1 million ethnic Uighurs in China are held in what resembles a “massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy”.
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جريدة الأخبار - قادة من «حماس» يدخلون غزة لانضاج الاتفاق: هدنة مقابل فك الحصار
في زيارة شبيهة لزيارة رئيس المكتب السياسي لحركة «حماس» السابق، خالد مشعل، إلى قطاع غزة عام 2012، يصل نائب رئيس المكتب السياسي للحركة، صالح العاروري، للمرة الأولى إلى غزة، وذلك ضمن وفد من المكتب السياسي لـ«حماس» الموجود في الخارج والضفة، ويضم موسى أبو مرزوق وعزت الرشق وحسام بدران، من أجل لقاء قيادات الحركة في الداخل، واتخاذ قرار بما يتعلق بالهدنة التي يجري التفاوض غير المباشر عليها مع العدو في العاصمة المصرية القاهرة. القرار ستشارك «الشورى» (برلمان «حماس») أيضاً في التصويت عليه، ووفق مصادر مقربة من الحركة، يدور «الاتفاق حول هدنة لخمس سنوات، وسيطبق على مراحل». لكنّ الوفد الزائر تعرض للتأخير في الدخول حتى ساعات متأخرة من مساء أمس، وذلك في ظل طلب الجانب المصري تفتيش الموكب، وفق ما أفادت به مصادر فلسطينية.
Hamas  Gaza  Israel  blockade  diplomacy  UN  reconstruction  infrastructure 
15 days ago by elizrael
Dalit rights activists break new grounds in South Asia (UN Women)
Moni Rani Das, born and raised in a “cleaners’ colony”—poor and segregated settlements where street cleaners and domestic workers live—in Dhaka, Bangladesh, never imagined that she would be advocating for her rights and those of nearly 3 million Dalit [1] women of her country. Today, she is the first Dalit person to be part of the National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh.
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Social Protection Inter-agency Cooperation Board (ILO-New York)
The Social Protection Inter-Agency Cooperation Board is a light, lean and agile inter-agency coordination mechanism—composed of representatives of international organizations and bilateral institutions—to enhance global coordination and advocacy on social protection issues and to coordinate international cooperation in country demand-driven actions.
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