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UN review of Bangladesh highlights the need to ensure non-discrimination of Dalits
Bangladesh was reviewed by the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights from 15-16 March 2018. An IDSN delegation, including Dalit representatives from Bangladesh, took part in the review where several issues relating to caste-based discrimination were discussed.

Ahead of the review IDSN and its members in Bangladesh - BDERM and NNMC submitted a joint report for the consideration of the committee. BDERM also issued a press release on the review.
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11 days ago by idsn
IDSN input to the 37th session of the UN Human Rights Council
In advance of the UN HRC 37 IDSN distributed its recommendations, referring to the High Commissioner on Human Rights reports, the interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on minority issues, and the outcomes of the Universal Periodic Review of Pakistan. IDSN board member Henri Tiphagne also spoke at key side-events and the situation of Dalits was noted in several debates.
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11 days ago by idsn
IDSN Annual Report 2017-18
The report covers key developments and activities within IDSN’s United Nations, European Union, and communications and networking work. The report can be downloaded from our website on http://www.idsn.org/ar2017.
The highlights of the report include:
The UN OHCHR launched a guidance tool addressing caste-based discrimination and IDSN publishes a roadmap to the new tool
The UPRs of India and Pakistan yielded several recommendations on caste-based discrimination
Treaty body reviews of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka included recommendations on caste discrimination
Young Dalit women speak out at the UN Forum on Minority Issues
Reports and statements from Special Rapporteurs include references to caste-based discrimination
Dalit activists take part in IDSN’s workshop on UN and EU advocacy in Nepal
MEPs send an open letter on caste discrimination ahead of the EU-India summit
EU’s Annual Report, and the European Parliament’s Annual Report, on human rights highlight concern over caste discrimination
Dalit activists take part in the EU NGO forum
IDSN  annualreport  2017  2018  publication  UN  EU 
11 days ago by idsn
UN Report: Average Dalit woman dies 14.6 years younger than women from dominant castes
A new report by UN Women finds that a woman’s caste in India increases her exposure to mortality because of intersectional discrimination, poor sanitation and inadequate healthcare. The global report Turning promises into action: gender equality in the 2030 Agenda, examines through a gender lens the progress and challenges in the implementation of all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.
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11 days ago by idsn
Kofi Annan: Millions of African children denied basic human rights | Mshale | May 10, 2018
Nobel laureate and former United Nations secretary-general, Kofi Annan '61, said last week the world is squandering the potential of African children by not giving them access to education. Annan, co-chair of the Books for Africa Law and Democracy Initiative alongside former U.S. Vice President Walter Mondale '50, was speaking during a reception to mark the 30th anniversary of Books for Africa, the St. Paul non-profit that ships millions of donated school textbooks to the continent.
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15 days ago by macalestercollege
Bloggingheads.tv - The Wright Show
David Frum and Robert Wright discuss the Iraq war, 10 years later. Frum is as persuasive as ever, favorite part is his discussion of how worthless the UN is and under what conditions (mainly the NATO agreement) is it of SOME value.
Iraq  UN  Frum  Wright  bloggingheads 
23 days ago by HispanicPundit
חודש אחרי קריסת הסכם מבקשי המקלט: חודשו המגעים עם האו"ם
על הרקע הזה פנו בימים האחרונים גורמים במטה לביטחון לאומי לגורמים בנציבות האו"ם לפליטים וביקשו לחדש את המגעים בנושא הסכם מבקשי המקלט כדי לבחון האם אפשר להכניס בו תיקונים. ישראל מעוניינת לשפר את ההסכם בשלוש נקודות:

לצמצם את מספר מבקשי המקלט שיישארו בישראל ויקבלו מעמד ארעי. לפי ההסכם שבוטל אמורה ישראל לקלוט כ-16,250 מבקשי מקלט. להגדיל את מספר מבקשי המקלט שיועברו למדינות שלישיות במערב. לפי ההסכם שבוטל אמורה נציבות האו"ם לפליטים להוציא מישראל 16,250 מבקשי מקלט. לצמצם את פרק הזמן שבמהלכו יעזבו מבקשי מקלט את ישראל ושעומד לפי ההסכם המקורי שבוטל על 5 שנים.
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24 days ago by elizrael
How can we achieve universal and affordable - read the agency report on the opportunities to ma…
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