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Taking the Technology out of Agile
Taking the Technology out of Agile ( #UKGC12 #agile (great article by @curiousc)
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february 2012 by adycoles
UKGovcamp 2012 buzz #ukgc12
#UKGovCamp video of our session on open standards & the Data Standards Panel (me, @liammax & @jdforrester) #ukgc12
– Hadley Beeman (hadleybeeman)
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february 2012 by pigsonthewing
Citizensheep » A council might publish open data, but how does it encourage good use of that data?
For any #ukgc12 folk (and anyone else) that might be interested: How can a council encourage good use of open data?
– Michael Grimes (citizensheep)
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february 2012 by pigsonthewing
Login to PR Week for news on PR & Public Relations
Handy to know - talked about at RT : Jimmy Wales' advice for PRs on editing Wikipedia:
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february 2012 by danslee
Constructing an open data platform @ Simon Whitehouse
RT @siwhitehouse: A new #ukgc12 post from me - Constructing an Open Data Platform #opendata
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february 2012 by pigsonthewing
Social media surgeries - interview with Nick Booth, Podnosh | Cathy Aitchison | GetMedia
"In this interview, Nick Booth from Podnosh talks about social media surgeries, a growing movement which provides support to people who are actively involved in their local communities and who want to extend their use of online and social media to network and publicise what they’re doing.

The interview was recorded by Cathy Aitchison at UK GovCamp 2012 on Friday 20th January in London."
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january 2012 by gavinwray
January | 2011 | Andy Mabbett, aka pigsonthewing
My blog posts from a year ago. Including Wikipedia, Twitter, KML & #ukgc11 / #ukgc12
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january 2012 by pigsonthewing
A crown, bowling and camping | weeklyblogclub
If haven't seen yet: 17 posts incl #ukgc12 posts listed in 'A crown, bowling and camping' #WeeklyBlogClub -
– Janet E Davis (janetedavis)
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january 2012 by pigsonthewing
Surevine : blog
RT : I just blogged "the Intranet: an anti-social network?" < nice post
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january 2012 by danslee
20 thoughts on #ukgc12 from @davebriggs - UK GovCamp 2012
RT @LloydDavis: [on UK GovCamp 2012] 20 thoughts on #ukgc12 from @davebriggs #ukgc12 < I love the idea of #chatcamp
– Janet Hughes (JanetHughes)
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january 2012 by pigsonthewing
Mary McKenna's Photo | Lockerz
RT @MMaryMcKenna: I do like this pic - a lot #ukgc12 (@pigsonthewing @BredaDoherty @HelReynolds) < Me too.
january 2012 by pigsonthewing

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