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Tweet: "Its 2018 and adults still give me a symphathetic look and an "aww its okay" when I tell them I'm going to UBD lmao first of aLL thank you for giving me thread content strap yourselves in yall"
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july 2018 by hazm8
UBD Public Events - RSS Feed (Unofficial)
Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD): Events posted on UBD's Event Calendar. RSS feed by possiblyzebra, with thanks to Feed43.
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october 2017 by hazm8
The Universal Right to Capital Income
So how should society be compensated? Taxation is the wrong answer. Corporations pay taxes in exchange for services the state provides them, not for capital injections that must yield dividends. There is thus a strong case that the commons have a right to a share of the capital stock, and associated dividends, reflecting society’s investment in corporations’ capital. And, because it is impossible to calculate the size of state and social capital crystalized in any firm, we can decide how much of its capital stock the public should own only by means of a political mechanism.

A simple policy would be to enact legislation requiring that a percentage of capital stock (shares) from every initial public offering (IPO) be channeled into a Commons Capital Depository, with the associated dividends funding a universal basic dividend (UBD). This UBD should, and can be, entirely independent of welfare payments, unemployment insurance, and so forth, thus ameliorating the concern that it would replace the welfare state, which embodies the concept of reciprocity between waged workers and the unemployed.

Fear of machines that can liberate us from drudgery is a symptom of a timid and divided society. The Luddites are among the most misunderstood historical actors. Their vandalism of machinery was a protest not against automation, but against social arrangements that deprived them of life prospects in the face of technological innovation. Our societies must embrace the rise of the machines, but ensure that they contribute to shared prosperity by granting every citizen property rights over them, yielding a UBD.
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november 2016 by zzkt

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