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Site Package Tutorial — TYPO3 Site Package Tutorial master (8.7) documentation
This tutorial describes the steps required to turn a basic design template (HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, etc.) into a fully working, mobile-responsive website powered by TYPO3. By creating a site package extension, all relevant files are stored at a central point and changes can easily be tracked in version control.

Despite the fact that TYPO3 supports several methods of implementing websites, this approach is a very flexible and professional way. At the same time, the process is not overly complicated and does not require any programming knowledge.
typo3  theming 
7 days ago by bvt
Video shariff (video_shariff)
This extension provides more privacy when embedding videos in frontend.
typo3  video  embed  privacy 
7 days ago by bvt
Bootstrap Components (t3sbootstrap)
Startup extension to use bootstrap 4 classes, components and more out of the box. Example and info: www.t3sbootstrap.de
bootstrap  typo3 
10 days ago by bvt
Eight Extensions Making TYPO3 Developers Happy | TYPO3worx - "The" TYPO3 Blog
There are several extensions out in the wild, which can make developers and integrators life much easier. For this blog post I picked eight of, which I use on a regular basis or which I consider as helpful.
march 2018 by bvt
We are lucky in the community that we do have very good maintainers and also a lot of contribu…
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march 2018 by mgifford
CKEditor in TYPO3 | Use TYPO3
With the 8LTS release TYPO3 got rid of its old and dusty Rich Text Editor (RTE) known as "rtehtmlarea" and introduced the CKEditor, a much more versatile and modern solution for RTE editing in the backend. With this change the configuration and integration of any RTE customization changed drastically. In this article we take a closer look on the basic configuration and integration. We will also see how to add link classes to the link Wizard as this is a feature that many TYPO3 installations are using. Finally we'll have a look on the extendability of the CKEditor and on how to integrate plugins.
ckeditor  typo3 
february 2018 by bvt

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