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Facial recognition's 'dirty little secret': Millions of online photos scraped without consent
Two of my pics are used in this controversial facial recognition dataset. One is of Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and former Minister for Digital Engagement, @tom_watson
tweetit  IBM  FacialRecognition  Flickr  myphotos  tomwatson 
9 days ago by pigsonthewing
Anne-Marie Imafidon - Wikipedia
Thank you to @aimafidon for letting me record her voice for her Wikipedia bio, at #Digifest19 - #WikiVIP
tweetit  VoiceIntroProject  aimafidon  Twitter:user=aimafidon  Digifest19  WikiVIP 
11 days ago by pigsonthewing
Tenterfield House - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about Tenterfield House in Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland, after which the town of Tenterfield in NSW, Australia, is named.
tweetit  mywpcreation  NSW  Scotland 
19 days ago by pigsonthewing
John Edgar (sculptor) - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia biography of the New Zealand sculptor John Edgar
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  NewZealand  sculpture 
22 days ago by pigsonthewing
Fox and Grapes, Birmingham - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about the 'Fox and Grapes', an historic pub in Birmingham, England that was demolished last year
tweetit  mywpcreation  Birminghamuk  localhistory  bcc 
24 days ago by pigsonthewing
Jennifer Lucy Allan - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia biography of journalist and @BBCRadio3 #LateJunction presenter @Jenn1fer_A
tweetit  mywpcreation  BBCRadio3  LateJunction  biography 
24 days ago by pigsonthewing
Category:Images donated by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service - Wikimedia Commons
Thanks to @StaffsFire, who have started to upload some of their fab images under #OpenLicence, for use on Wikipedia.

Which emergency service will be next?
tweetit  StaffsFire  opencontent  Staffordshire  fire 
26 days ago by pigsonthewing
El Amin Effendi Hemeida - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about El Amin Effendi Hemeida, whose George Cross featured on #AntiquesRoadshow this evening
tweetit  mywpcreation  biography  AntiquesRoadshow  GeorgeCross  Sudan 
27 days ago by pigsonthewing
"Mi Amigo" memorial - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about the "Mi Amigo" memorial in Sheffield, and the flypast there today. #TonyGotAFlypast #TonysFlypast #RememberTheTen #turnupfortony #sheffieldflypast
tweetit  mywpcreation  WW2  Sheffield 
29 days ago by pigsonthewing
⚓ T216601 Allow download of Wikidata query results in GPS-friendly format(s)
I created a feature request: "Allow download of @Wikidata query results in GPS-friendly format(s)"
phabricator  phabricator:issue=T216601  T216601  Wikidata  WQS  tweetit  comment 
4 weeks ago by pigsonthewing

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