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libphonenumber/ at master · googlei18n/libphonenumber · GitHub
Given how ubiquitous phone numbers are and how long they've been around, it's surprising how many false assumptions programmers continue to make about them.
1 hour ago by incredimike
Favorite tweet from abcdefghijkLMAO:

This just entertained the fuck outta me

— 🖌sak (@abcdefghijkLMAO) February 13, 2019
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3 hours ago by pauljacobson
Favorite tweet from cathjenkin:

Heehee. Then you're golden!

— The Other Sarah Marshall (@cathjenkin) February 20, 2019
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4 hours ago by pauljacobson
Brands are Testing the influence of Augmented Reality on e-Commerce
Augmented reality is far from becoming a mass force in advertising, but more brands are using it as a way to get customers to try out products before mobile purchases.
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10 hours ago by incredimike
Code Shelter - A home for abandoned open source projects
Code Shelter is a collective of volunteer software developers that aims to help with maintaining popular open source projects whose authors need a hand or don't have the time to maintain them any more.
11 hours ago by incredimike
Ad code 'slows down' browsing speeds - BBC News
Ads are responsible for making webpages slow to a crawl, suggests analysis of the most popular one million websites.
17 hours ago by incredimike
WordPress REST API Mistakes That are Making Your Site Insecure - WPMU DEV
Not understanding how the API works, can lead you to screw up, especially if you're not a developer. We're going over some common mistakes so you can stay safe
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18 hours ago by incredimike
Is Employee Engagement Just a Reflection of Personality?
When employees are engaged, they display high levels of enthusiasm, energy, and motivation, which translates into higher levels of job performance, creativity, and productivity. This means not only higher revenues and profits for organizations, but also higher levels of well-being for employees.
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20 hours ago by incredimike
imthenachoman/How-To-Secure-A-Linux-Server: An evolving how-to guide for securing a Linux server.
An evolving how-to guide for securing a Linux server. - imthenachoman/How-To-Secure-A-Linux-Server
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21 hours ago by incredimike
Best Standing Desk: 6 Desks Compared, Plus How to Pick a Desk That Matches Your Needs 100%
In this resource, we take the topic head-on and compare some of the top options in the market, looking for the best standing desk out there!
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yesterday by incredimike
Seven Lessons About Blackmail - Bloomberg
Such as: When someone’s privacy is violated, the main villains are not always Internet companies.
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yesterday by incredimike
Apple's latest Macs have a serious audio glitching bug - CDM Create Digital Music
Apple has a serious, unresolved bug that causes issues with audio performance with external interfaces across all its latest Macs, thanks to the company’s own software and custom security chip.
yesterday by incredimike
Stop Being So Modest! Why Women in Business Need to Get Comfortable with Bragging
Women should feel safe to share their wins within your office walls. Give them space to boast, and you will be giving them space to prosper.
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yesterday by incredimike
Four-day week: trial finds lower stress and increased productivity | Money | The Guardian #agencylife #agencydevlife
20% increase in productivity sounds great to me. AND an extra day off to spend with the family? Sign me up.
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yesterday by incredimike
How to Make Your Startup Team More Diverse
The best way to stay competitive is to open up to the power of true diversity
yesterday by incredimike

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