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British Detective Shows
Complex characters, stunning design and long, slow-moving mystery plots are the hallmarks of these crime dramas from across the pond. The charming accents are just a bonus.
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Wikipedia's Fate Shows How the Web Endangers Knowledge | WIRED
Wikipedia was a fruit of this garden. So was Google search and its text-based advertising model. And so were blogs, which valued text, hypertext (links), knowledge, and literature. They effectively democratized the ability to contribute to the global corpus of knowledge. For more than a decade, the web created an alternative space that threatened television’s grip on society.

Social networks, though, have since colonized the web for television’s values. From Facebook to Instagram, the medium refocuses our attention on videos and images, rewarding emotional appeals—‘like’ buttons—over rational ones. Instead of a quest for knowledge, it engages us in an endless zest for instant approval from an audience, for which we are constantly but unconsciouly performing. (It’s telling that, while Google began life as a PhD thesis, Facebook started as a tool to judge classmates’ appearances.) It reduces our curiosity by showing us exactly what we already want and think, based on our profiles and preferences. Enlightenment’s motto of ‘Dare to know’ has become ‘Dare not to care to know.’
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Apple Strikes Deal With Spielberg’s Amblin for ‘Amazing Stories’ Reboot - WSJ
Director’s Amblin Television, NBCUniversal TV production unit to make new episodes of sci-fi series from the 1980s
Apple Inc. AAPL -0.09% is betting on acclaimed director and producer Steven Spielberg for its first major foray into creating original video content.
The tech giant has struck a deal with Mr. Spielberg’s Amblin Television and Universal Television, a unit of Comcast Corp.’s CMCSA -0.23% NBCUniversal, to make new episodes of “Amazing Stories,” a science fiction and horror anthology series that ran on NBC in the 1980s.
The agreement between Apple, Amblin and Universal Television calls for 10 episodes of “Amazing Stories.” Mr. Spielberg will likely be an executive producer for new the version of the show, which he created, people familiar with the matter said.
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Daring Fireball: WSJ: 'Apple Strikes Deal With Spielberg’s Amblin for "Amazing Stories" Reboot'
I said on my podcast a few episodes ago that we shouldn’t judge the future potential of Apple’s original content based on Planet of the Apps or Carpool Karaoke. Those shows are Apple dipping its toes in the water. This is diving in head first.
I absolutely loved Amazing Stories as a kid — one of my very favorite shows from the ’80s. I expect nothing short of greatness from a reboot.
(Here’s a link that should get you through the Journal’s paywall.)
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Ten burning questions about Apple's forthcoming video service - Six Colors
Apple’s made its first major TV acquisition, as the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that it’s got a deal with Steven Spielberg and Universal to make a new “Amazing Stories.” This wasn’t an unexpected development, and I wrote a story about the deal yesterday that you should check out.
But even with all that (virtual) ink spilled, there’s still a whole lot more to ponder here. So let me present my current list of unanswered questions about Apple’s foray into video programming.
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Apple inks deal with Spielberg for first show, cuts ties to Weinstein amid sex scandal | iLounge News
Apple has made a deal with Steven Spielberg, Amblin Television, and Universal Television to make new episodes of “Amazing Stories,” The Wall Street Journal reports. The popular sci-fi/horror series ran on NBC in the ‘80s, and sources familiar with the discussions said Apple will be creating 10 new episodes at a price tag of over $5 million each. One executive involved in the project said that level of spending is on par with higher-end shows currently being produced by HBO and Netflix, so Apple is betting heavily on its first jump into original programming.
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Spielberg’s ‘Amazing Stories’ is just the first of Apple’s major TV deals | Macworld
It was inevitable that Apple would begin signing big-name talent and major franchises to its forthcoming push into original video. Inevitable from the moment it hired two respected television industry executives, Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht.
Under Eddy Cue, Apple was able to experiment with shows like Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke. But Van Amburg and Erlicht spent years at Sony developing prestige, big-budget scripted programming—and they were not hired at Apple to do anything else. The only question was which big name would be the first to sign a big-money deal to develop programming specifically for Apple.
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Apple—not a network or streaming giant—nabs a Spielberg TV series reboot | Ars Technica
Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, American Gods) will reboot obscure 80s anthology, Amazing Stories.
Hollywood reboots are nothing new these days. In fact, they're so common that even a reboot of an oddball cult-classic barely turns heads (Twin Peaks shows that formula can succeed, right?). And anything from the back catalogue of an iconic creator like Steven Spielberg may be continually ripe for revisiting. Just this summer, Amblin Entertainment confirmed Spielberg's involvement with a new Animaniacs series, for instance.
So at first blush, Deadline detailing today that Spielberg's Amazing Stories (an anthology series that aired on NBC in the mid-'80s) is being explored for modern audiences seems ho-hum. But it's not NBC (which has an existing partnership with Amblin) or streaming contenders like Netflix and Amazon reportedly close to a deal—it's Apple.
"We love being at the forefront of Apple's investment in scripted programming," NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke told the site. "And I can't think of a better property than Spielberg's beloved Amazing Stories franchise."
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Steven Spielberg signs content deal with Apple, will revive Amazing Stories | Consequence of Sound
Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller will oversee the redevelopment of the property, which arrives at a perfect moment in a world dominated by IT and Stranger Things
With all of the clout and the infrastructure it has, it was really only just a matter of time until Apple opted to join the great content-sharing arms race of the ’10s. And, in true Apple fashion, the monolithic company is looking to make its streaming service debut by breaking out some of the heaviest possible hitters.
News has emerged today that Apple will be picking up the option on Steven Spielberg’s upcoming reboot of his mid-’80s anthology series Amazing Stories, to run as an ongoing series at a to-be-determined point in the near future. As confirmed in a statement from Apple, Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller will oversee the redevelopment of the property, which arrives at a perfect moment in a world dominated by IT and Stranger Things and all ’80s nostalgia in general. Spielberg will once again oversee the reportedly 10-episode project as a producer, with Apple releasing the series as part of its debut in what’s rapidly becoming a crowded streaming field.
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Netflix identifies ‘Binge Racer’ |
A new type of fan has emerged on Netflix, and they’re racing to be the first to finish shows such as Stranger Things, House of Cards, Fuller House and more. According to Netflix, streaming fast is a new status symbol.

Netflix suggests that it has changed the way the world engages with stories – viewers watch when, where and how they want, at whatever pace – and in doing so, has given rise to a new kind of fan: the Binge Racer. Accomplishing in a day what takes others weeks to achieve, Binge Racers strive to be the first to finish by speeding through an entire season within 24 hours of its release.
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Netflix Q3 beats subs forecasts |
Netflix added a Q3-record 5.3 million memberships globally (up 49 per cent year-over-year) as it continued to benefit from strong appetite for its original series and films, as well as the adoption of Internet entertainment across the world.In a Letter to Shareholders, the streaming giant said that relative to its guidance of 4.4 million net adds, it under-forecast both US and international acquisition. Year to date net adds of 15.5 million are up 29 per cent versus last year.

“We are growing nicely across the world and are on track to exceed $11 billion [€9.35bn] in revenue in 2017,” said the company. “Internet entertainment is delighting consumers, and we are staying at the forefront of this once-in-a-generation opportunity.”
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‘Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip’ Is ‘The Great British Baking Show’ Meets ‘Top Gear’ | Decider
So what is Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip? My assumption was that the Netflix Original series was going to be a bit like Paul Hollywood giving us a tour of the great bakeries of Europe. The Great British Baking Show host is indeed the King of Bread (which is a real royal title I just made up), and so it would follow that any globe-trotting adventure with him would have to come along with a healthy carboload.
However, as soon as the show opens with Hollywood introducing himself as “sort of a baker and part-time racing driver,” I realized, Oh. Oh no. This is not a show that particularly cares about food.
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Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Trip – like watching a lifer on day release | Television & radio | The Guardian
On a sabbatical from Bake Off, the master baker drives a procession of increasingly ridiculous supercars around Europe
To Italy, for the first episode of Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip (28 May, 9pm, BBC2), in which television’s much panted-over master baker gets to cruise around sun-dappled countries in all his spray-tanned splendour.
If you thought that Bake Off’s king of the cream horn had only one string to his bow, this new series – essentially Top Gear minus the bantz and budget – is determined to set you straight. This will, the BBC hopes, be the ultimate marriage of personality and machinery, of gunmetal hair and hot bodywork, of smouldering eyes and … oh, you get the picture.
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BBC Two - Paul Hollywood's Big Continental Road Trip
Paul Hollywood and Phillipe Lellouche in Paris
Series 1, France
Paul Hollywood and Christian Schulte-Loh in Berlin
Series 1, Germany
Paul Hollywood and Bruno Tonioli in Rome
Series 1, Italy
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