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VRT NU verzamelt al je favoriete programma's en meer. Jij kiest wanneer en waar je wilt kijken.
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Dixon of Dock Green – Sounds | Archive Television Musings
A few mysterious sounds of the end of the phone are enough to spark major activity at Dock Green nick.  The story opens with Anne Turner (Marion Lines) and her daughter Janey (Lyn Doyle) returning home.  “Home” at present appears to be a rather dingy flat in a very run-down area.  Anne notices the door is unlocked, which concerns her.  She sends Janey downstairs to play and calls Dock Green police station.
But after only a few words, WPC Hawkins (Jacqueline Stanbury) hears a choking noise as if she’s being strangled.  Dixon takes over the call and a few moments later Janey picks up the receiver, telling Dixon that her mother’s asleep.  Then either Janey replaces the receiver or somebody does it for her.  It’s little enough to go on, but Crawford, Brewer and Dixon put their heads together to try and work out what they can establish from the few sounds recorded from the call.
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Dixon Of Dock Green | Nostalgia Central
1 9 5 5 – 1 9 7 6 (UK)
367 x 25/45 minute episodes
PC George Dixon was the first British copper to walk the beat.
The character was first introduced in the Rank movie The Blue Lamp (1950) where he was shot dead by Dirk Bogarde after a mere 21 minutes.
Five years later, on 7 July 1955, Ted Willis revived him and created a series that was to span 21 years and 367 episodes, always opening with Dixon’s matey greeting, “Evenin’ all”.
It was the first television programme to be based on a film, and after being commissioned to write the initial six-part series, Willis was worried. “I didn’t know how I would be able to find six good stories”, he said. But eventually, he had 250 policemen on his payroll who fed incidents and true stories to him for the scripts.
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BBC Blogs - BBC Genome Blog - Women in Blue: From Dixon of Dock Green to Prime Suspect
ITV tonight launches a new drama series - or rather a variation on a long-established one - Prime Suspect 1973. Written as ever by Lynda la Plante, although in this case adapted by Glen Laker from her novel Tennison, it explores the origins of her central character Jane Tennison who appeared in successive series of Prime Suspect from 1991 onward.
Jane Tennison was an innovative character, a hard-working and hard-drinking detective succeeding in her profession despite the attitudes of her male colleagues. Her original portrayal was a classic performance by Helen Mirren, that led to her career reaching its current heights as a major film star.
Like their real-life counterparts, it took many years before female police characters were taken seriously, and given equal prominence in crime dramas. Until 1980 there was no series built around a woman police character in the UK, although American television had pioneered the genre with the Angie Dickinson series Police Woman (1974-78). US TV would also innovate with the much-loved female buddy series Cagney and Lacey (1981-88).
In the earliest police series like Dixon of Dock Green and Z Cars, there was usually at least one regular policewoman character, but as in reality they were usually confined to dealing with the problems of other women and with children, as female police officers were part of a separate women’s division. Dixon of Dock Green had the motherly and sensible Sgt Grace Millard, from its second series in 1956 until the end of 1961.
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An oral history of The Bill – Looking back with the cast of Britain's most iconic cop show
26 years. Over 2,000 episodes. A national institution.
Seven years after it left our screens, The Bill is bringing the drama back to telly – but not in the way that was anticipated.
UKTV channel Drama had planned to air every single episode, all 2,421 of them, from the beginning – but has shelved the idea of a six-year re-run after just a few weeks, jumping to series 14 already.
In lieu of such TV gold being shown, Digital Spy spoke to cast members from across the quintessential British cop show's epic 26-year run to reflect on its origins, its longevity, how The Bill weathered change and whether it has a future.
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