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How we adapted the Booking.com mobile site for the iPhone X notch.
There was a lot of discussion around the iPhone X notch but very little has come of it in practice. For those of you that are looking for a 'big name' implementation check out how booking.com handled it.
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27 minutes ago by justinavery
Computer Network Tutorial
This section provides various tutorials on computer networking, a domain that spans various geographies, on which the Internet is born. The articles include ISO OSI model, computer network planning and implementation, RFID standards, spread spectrum communications, IPv6 and many more.
computer  networking  tutorial  on  networks 
55 minutes ago by anandsoft
Time and Frequency Standards - A tutorial
The article provides an in-depth view of keeping time and frequencies in case of satellite chain. When communicating over satellite system, it becomes important to keep the communication coherent as the space segment is usually above 36,000 Kilometers and there is a few seconds of delay between transmission and reception of the signals. By knowing exactly how much delay has happened, we can compensate for the same.
frequency  standards  time  and  tutorial 
1 hour ago by anandsoft
Noise Figure Measurement - A Tutorial
The article provides a detailed procedure for noise figure measurements. Noise figure measurement is one of the most important parameter in the receive chain of the satellite - to - ground station link. The signals received at the antenna are very weak and requires a low noise amplifier to keep the noise below the threshold level.
noise  figure  measurement  article  tutorial 
1 hour ago by anandsoft
RF Test and Measurement Tutorials
The section provides various tutorials on RF test and measurements. These include, co-axial insertion and return loss measurement, spectrum analyzer measurements, and noise figure measurements. An article on coax cable construction and assembly is also provided.
rf  test  measurement  and  tutorial 
1 hour ago by anandsoft
Satcom - Satellite Communications Tutorials
This section provides several tutorials on Satellite Communications, including satellite systems, link budgeting, satellite pointing angle calculator, and other related topics.
satcom  satellite  link  budget  pointing  angles  calculator  tutorial 
1 hour ago by anandsoft
Introduction to HTML5
The article provides a basic introduction with a couple of coding examples using html5, a widely used web programming language these days. Responsive design is popular for compatibility with different types of devices.
html5  introduction  html6  tutorial 
1 hour ago by anandsoft
Meet the New Dialog Element
We've been using popup modal windows for a while on our websites, and now there is a specific semantic element that we can use — the 'dialog' element. This tutorial looks at what it can do, and how you can use it now with a polyfill for older, unsupporting, browsers
rwd292  tutorial  news 
1 hour ago by justinavery
ActiveX Controls - A Beginners Guide
The article provides a detailed procedure as to how to design and develop activex controls using Visual Basic. ActiveX controls, though became a little obsolete with the advent of .net based framwork, is still used widely.
activex  tutorial 
1 hour ago by anandsoft
Working with MySQL
The article provides step by step procedure for programming with SQL using MySQL and visual basic. As you might be knowing, VB.net and MySQL are powerful combination to develop programs for commercial use.
mysql  tutorial  vb.net  basics  working  with  database 
1 hour ago by anandsoft
Tutorials on Software Programming and Database
The section provides various tutorials on software and database programming including VB.net, SQL programming for MySQL, etc., and web development using HTML5 and JavaScript. A couple of programming examples are given for drag and drop and activeX development.
software  programming  vb.net  tutorial 
2 hours ago by anandsoft

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