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How the Trump Administration Is Remaking the Courts - The New York Times
To be sure, Ho’s was a dissenting opinion, but what so cheered members of the conservative legal movement is that it was likely the first of many, because Ho is only 45. And because there will be more and more judges like Ho on the federal bench, it’s only a matter of time before such opinions will no longer be dissents. Indeed, after just 18 months, Trump has “flipped” two circuits — the Sixth and Seventh — from what Trump’s supporters in the conservative legal movement consider “liberal” to more properly conservative. Two more — the Eighth and the 11th — are on the verge of tipping. Even circuits that are decidedly liberal are undergoing significant changes. “It’ll be really important for the Second and the Ninth Circuits to have between two and four really good, high-octane intellectual conservative jurists,” explains a person close to the judicial-nominations process, “because dissents provide a signaling function to the U.S. Supreme Court, and those are very important circuits.”
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3 days ago by HispanicPundit
The Trump administration’s deregulation efforts are saving billions of dollars - The Washington Post
Since President Trump took office, farmers can more productively use their land. Small businesses can hire more workers and provide more affordable health care. Innovators are freer to pursue advances in autonomous vehicles, drones and commercial space exploration. Veterans enjoy expanded access to doctors through a telehealth program. And infrastructure can be improved more quickly with streamlined permitting requirements.
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3 days ago by HispanicPundit
Kavanaugh’s appointment isn’t a step backward. It’s a head-first plunge into an ugly past - The Globe and Mail
"His is a lifetime appointment, meaning that barring impeachment, I will live under this cruel, extremist judge for the rest of my life, as I raise a daughter who will have fewer rights than my son, as I raise two white children who will have more rights than their non-white friends." Oof.
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15 days ago by UltraNurd
Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear: Trump in the White House, reviewed. - Slate, Sep 9, 2018
Woodward himself seems to suffer one of the same maladies as his sources: namely, the condition of thinking that a better version of Trump might exist out there. He rather solipsistically blames himself for saying some skeptical stuff about the FBI’s handling of the Russia case, which Trump saw and repeated. He even writes, “The episode played a big role in launching Trump’s war with the intelligence world, especially the FBI and Comey,” as if that war could have ever been averted given Trump’s contempt for democratic institutions and obvious corruption (which would inevitably get investigated). And sometimes, his quotes are just simply not believable as told or transcribed, which is a problem in most of his books on the last several presidencies. Of Afghanistan, Trump is reported to have said, “It’s a disaster there. It’s never going to be a functioning democracy.” I’d sooner believe the president sits up late at night reading Martin Luther King Jr. speeches than I would that he uses the phrase “functioning democracy” in casual conversation. I trust Woodward’s ability to decipher whether his sources are being honest more than I do Michael Wolff’s, whose dodgy book on the Trump presidency set a very low bar for works like this, but too much of Woodward’s narrative feels reliant on the firsthand accounts of a group of very untrustworthy people.

Where does all this leave John Kelly, the ultimate adult in the room who is often portrayed in the media as rubbing his temples in frustration with his toddler-like boss? Kelly enters and leaves meetings, gets angry and calms down, rants and raves, all to diminishing returns. He seems to find the president incurious and stupid and potentially dangerous, but nevertheless shares a slightly tamer version of his authoritarian instincts and disdain for immigrants. Despite supposedly exclaiming “We’re in Crazytown,” he also likes to pride himself on being “the only thing protecting the president from the press. … Everyone’s out to get us.” Like the other characters in the book, Kelly is insufficiently concerned about Trump’s contempt for democracy; unable to truly understand—regardless of his strong criticisms—how incapable of restraint Trump is; and compromised by his own sympathy for too much of the president’s agenda, which has a way of dulling any resistance to the worst aspects of it. If Trump won in part because of the bankruptcy of the Republican establishment and the withering of our institutions, it’s no surprise that the figures surrounding him are unequipped—intellectually, practically, and morally—for the current emergency.

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15 days ago by elizrael
Brett Kavanaugh Is A Man The Right Can Get Behind
He's a monster and so this makes the point that confirming the monster would demonstrate victory.
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26 days ago by UltraNurd
Opinion | I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration - The New York Times
Pretty wild. Someone wants to make him angry and therefore manipulatable. I don't buy their bona fides though — a Republican administration of any kind remains a harmful one.
trumpadministration  opinion  nyt 
6 weeks ago by UltraNurd
גורמים המעורבים במו"מ: "דיל המאה" יידחה בחודשים | ישראל היום
גם גורמים ערבים בכירים אישרו ל"ישראל היום" כי תוכנית השלום צפויה להידחות בכמה חודשים, ולדבריהם הסיבה לכך היא ההערכה בקהיר ובריאד שהבחירות ייערכו בתחילת 2019. עם זאת ציינו הגורמים כי ללא קשר לאפשרות של בחירות, מנהיגי מדינות ערב המתונות ובראשן סעודיה, מצרים וירדן העבירו מסר אחיד לבית הלבן כי הן מעדיפות להמתין לבחירות לקונגרס בארה"ב בטרם תוצג תוכנית השלום האזורית.
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8 weeks ago by elizrael
Congressional Republicans Are Failing the Test of Trump - The Atlantic
That’s 20 senators total. The current GOP majority includes 31 more, most of whom are even stauncher party-line voters than those listed above and thus would give rise to sarcastic “Oh, sure!” eye-roll reactions at the mere idea of their breaking ranks.

But remember: Every one of them swore an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, not simply their own careerist comfort. And not a one of them, yet, has been willing to risk comfort, career, or fund-raising to defend the constitutional check-and-balance prerogatives of their legislative branch.
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8 weeks ago by sampenrose
AP Sources: US ends Syria stabilization funding - Aug 17, 2018
U.S. officials said the administration notified Congress on Friday that it would not spend some $200 million that had been planned for Syria programs and would instead shift that money to other areas. Nearly all of that money, initially pledged by former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in February, had been on hold and under review since he was fired in March. A small fraction of that amount was released in June.

They said the cut will be more than offset by an additional $300 million pledged by coalition partners, including $100 million that Saudi Arabia announced it had contributed late Thursday. The State Department immediately welcomed the Saudi contribution, which is intended to help revitalize communities liberated from the Islamic State group like Raqqa.
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9 weeks ago by elizrael
Report: US postpones rollout of Mideast 'deal of the century' - Israel Hayom, Aug 3, 2018
A White House source and senior Arab officials on Thursday said the Trump administration was postponing by several months the rollout of its so-called "deal of the century" to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The U.S. official said the administration has already decided not to present the peace plan before the congressional mid-term elections on Nov. 6 because certain components of the plan call for Israeli concessions and could harm Republican candidates' election bids.

The official also said that if Israel goes to elections after the Jewish holidays this September, then the administration would postpone the peace plan even further, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would not be able to adopt certain aspects during an election campaign.

Announcing the peace plan during an Israeli election campaign "would play into the hands of [Habayit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali] Bennett and the administration understands this," the official said, referring to the politician deemed Netanyahu's chief rival for the premiership.
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9 weeks ago by elizrael
Trump is mad that Turkey’s economic crisis has made their currency weaker, so now he’s making it even weaker - The Washington Post
It all started with Turkey’s own mistakes — or, more accurately, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s. He subscribes to the completely backward theory that lower interest rates cause lower inflation, which, now that he’s given himself the power to pick the country’s top central banker and made his son-in-law the finance minister, is actually being put to the test. Spoiler alert: It is not going well. The predictable result is this has made inflation get out of control — it is up to 15.9 percent when they are supposedly trying to keep it to 5 percent — because the central bank has been so slow to raise rates, and, in fact, refused to do so at its most recent meeting.

Far worse than that, though, is this has also sent Turkey’s currency on a downward spiral that threatens to destroy its entire economy. Why is that? Well, there are three things to understand. The first is Turkey needs to borrow a lot of money from overseas; the second is the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes have made holding money in the United States attractive enough that it is hard for Turkey to get what it needs without sweetening the pot for investors by raising rates itself; and the third is, as a result of all its past borrowing, Turkey has foreign currency debts equal to 30 percent of its economy. Put these all together, and you get a pretty classic emerging markets crisis: Money has been leaving Turkey because it can now get good enough returns elsewhere, which is then pushing down the value of their currency so much that their dollar debts are getting harder to pay back.
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9 weeks ago by elizrael

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