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well camouflaged African scops owl / Kruger Park / @minmadron
African scops owl with eyes open. When they are closed to slits the owl is nearly invisible against the bark background.

Photo on KrugerExplorer by @minmadron
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3 days ago by cwr
Keeping Your Trees Safe from Wind Damage
Trees are just like any other piece of your commercial landscape and require a fair amount of maintenance.
trees  tree-care 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web
Tree trimming efforts help with weather impacts | News |
Sustained drought conditions in New England followed by above-average rainfall this year, and combined with insect infestations are having a devastating effect on trees and many trees impacted by this unusual mix of conditions have also experienced accelerated growth due to significant amounts of rainfall in the region.
derrynews  positive  trees  treetrimming 
10 days ago by eversourcenh

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