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The Best Places to Drink in Every State This Summer (Views Included) | Jetsetter
America is absolutely brimming with fabulous cocktail dens, hometown breweries, and rooftop bars where you can toast the season in style. From an open-air deck on a Delaware beach to a swanky loft in New Orleans, here are 50 best places to drink in every state of the United States.
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2 hours ago by geglover
Fareness - When & Where? Browse, Book Flights.
Interesting travel site lets you see days that are cheapest, maybe more features
4 hours ago by ramitsethi
Sonder | Taking Stay Further.
What is a Sonder? - a new way to stay in your favorite neighborhoods around the world.

It’s an answer to a lot of questions we’ve been asking. Like what would happen if we had a space to stay in neighborhoods we wanted to live in all around the world? What if those spaces included a dining area, and a living space and perhaps an extra bedroom or two for the kids? What if the design was modern and exciting, and the only thing cookie-cutter was…nothing? A place like that would help create a travel experience built to take guests further. To bring them home better. And that’s a place we’d like to stay. And a philosophy we’ve built our company around.
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6 hours ago by abetancort
Road 2 Adventure - Home Port
Interesting idea ! Buy a bus, fit it out for sleeping, drive around Australia with a bunch of backpackers joining you to pay the way!
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9 hours ago by ssam

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