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Outdoor Survival | Travel and Camping Gear | Lifesystems
Get your camping equipment and gear here from first aid kits, insect repellents, mosquito nets, water purification and sun protection.
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1 hour ago by ldom
Five of Europe’s best wildernesses for spotting big beasts | Travel | The Guardian
Even on our crowded continent, there are remote regions where you can still spot bears, bison, lynx, wolves and more
travel  holiday  forest  wildlife  europe 
3 hours ago by mysty
A local’s guide to Durban, South Africa: 10 top tips
Durban has always been a beach town, but the promenade has never been more vibrant, with street performers, sand sculptures, stalls and paddling pools.Durban has a sub-tropical climate with mild, sunny winters and hot, humid summers (with most rainfall between October and March). The city is the gateway to KwaZulu-Natal, with its many varied attractions, from the Drankensberg mountains in the west to the wetlands of the Elephant Coast in the north-east.
Guardian  travel  places  cities  S.Africa 
12 hours ago by thomas.kochi
@gabbbarsingh Europe itinerary
A lot of people have messaged me asking for the itinerary of my trip. Truth is, I didnt make any itinerary. Just booked acco & flight tickets. And figured out what to do when I reached there.
1+2 nights (Brussels+Bruges)
3 (Amsterdam + a day trip to Zanse schans)
3 ( Prague)
itinerary  Travel 
14 hours ago by kavtya

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