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Medication for intentional forgetting — Quartz
Do you really want to lose a piece of yourself?
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4 days ago by po
‘Slaughterhouse-Five,’ 50 years later: What Kurt Vonnegut taught one soldier about war - The Washington Post
War is not confined in the past, Kurt Vonnegut wrote 50 years ago. Neither are his lessons.
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7 days ago by harcesz
‘Slaughterhouse-Five,’ 50 years later: What Kurt Vonnegut taught one soldier about war - The Washington Post
> Time, to the Tralfamadorians, is the way humans “can look at a stretch of the Rocky Mountains,” Pilgrim explains.

> One of his legacies is a famous passage in “Slaughterhouse-Five.” It’s about planes flying in reverse, where shrapnel flies out of people, back into the bombs and the planes take off backward from their runways, and so on, until everyone is just a baby again.
war  trauma  kurt-vonnegut  time 
8 days ago by tarakc02
Are sexual abuse victims being diagnosed with a mental disorder they don't have? | Life and style | The Guardian
How the psychiatric establishment and healthcare systems misdiagnose and stigmatize incest survivors and roadblock their healing: the damning label of disgnoses. In psychiatry it is common to take years to get an accurate diagnosis.
sexuality  abuse  psychiatry  psychology  mental  health  borderline  personality  disorder  ptsd  trauma  diagnosis  healthcare  insurance  stigma  incest  stereotype  women  19eyz  treatment  children 
25 days ago by csrollyson

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