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“Going Faster in the Wrong Direction? History’s Lessons for the Future of Roads and Streets”, by Peter Norton
As appearing in the November 2015 issue of Transportation Research Circular: “Linking the Past to the Future Lessons from History about Emerging Technology”.
Only the historically naïve see technological innovation simply as science applied impartially to the solution of human problems. Innovation is also a disruptor of status quos, a shifter of balances of power, and a trigger of waves of unintended effects.
politics  technology  infrastructure  transportation 
2 days ago by beep
We filmden de typische verkeerschaos in Vlaanderen: ‘Deprime... - De Standaard
De resultaten leggen we voor aan Mikael Colville-Andersen. Hij is ceo van Copenhagenize, een bureau dat steden over de hele wereld adviseert bij hun stedelijke inrichting
urban_planning  belgium  transportation 
2 days ago by michlr
AORTA - Rail and Transit for Oregon
AORTA—The Association of Oregon Rail and Transit Advocates—is a 501(c)(3) non-profit citizen advocacy group working to educate the public about the need for safe, fiscally responsible, environmentally sound transportation.
transportation  portland 
2 days ago by zryb
Chemical Leak in Southeast Chinese Port Incurs Local Rage
Nearly seven tons of toxic chemicals were spilled a port in southern China’s Fujian Province on Nov. 4. Due to censorship of the news by communist authorities and neglect of the spill, local fishermen have sustained considerable financial losses and health problems due to the pollution.

News published by Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-controlled outlets, however, painted a quite different picture from villagers’ accounts as described in interviews with the Chinese-language Epoch Times.

Official news media initially claimed that an undetermined amount of petroleum products had been leaked in the early morning of Nov. 4 due to a damaged hose between the dock and a tanker in the port district of Quangang, located in the municipality of Quanzhou in Fujian Province.
China  transportation  release  response  petroleum  toxics 
2 days ago by dchas
Electric Cars Face a $6 Trillion Barrier to Widespread Adoption - Bloomberg
"The bottom line that is we’re at least five years away from bringing the price of a good electric car down to that of comparable conventional one, without factoring in tax credits and subsidies."
car  electricity  transportation 
3 days ago by pacpost
UW students create road sensors | KOMO 4
In an effort to curb crashes, students in the UW Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering have created a system to alert drivers of nearby pedestrians and bicyclists on the Burke-Gilman Trail.
College:Engineering  Department:Civil&Environmental.Engineering  !UWitM  2018  regl  video  KOMO  students  transportation 
3 days ago by uwnews
How Leaves, Icicles and an Old Bridge Can Complicate Commutes - The New York Times
Every day, it seems, New Jersey Transit delivers bad news — trains are late, or worse, canceled. But the reasons can vary. An examination of the language — like “slippery rails” and “annulment” — and what those excuses actually mean.
3 days ago by noiseguy
Up to 40 kids exposed to unknown substance on school bus
Overheated brakes on a school bus are being blamed for noxious fumes that sent 15 elementary school children to hospital for assessment Thursday morning. “Overheated brakes … are the probable cause of the nausea and respiratory problems suffered by the 15 children from Lamoureux school,” the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est said in a tweet. Paramedics reported that up to 40 children were aboard the bus as it arrived at the school on Kaladar Avenue in the Heron Park neighbourhood on Thursday morning. A total of 15 children aged six to 12 were taken to hospital with symptoms including a cough, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting.
Canada  transportation  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
3 days ago by dchas
Passageiros denunciam golpe em App de transporte - Gerais - Estado de Minas
Clientes do 99Pop denunciam conduta de motoristas que rodam quilômetros com pedido aberto, gerando contas superiores a R$ 200. Advogado diz que vítimas têm direito a reparação em dobro
news  em-português  brazil  Uber  Transportation 
4 days ago by kaarlows
Ask Umbra’s 21-Day Apathy Detox | Grist
"Does this sound like anyone you know? “Dear Umbra: Since November — and really, for as long as I’ve known about the threat of climate change — I’ve been plagued by this sense of hopelessness and foreboding, and I just can’t shake it. I’ve tried it all: Late-night Facebook fights, splurging on fancy salads, retreats in the woods where I scream at a tree. Now I’m just parked on the couch watching Sex and the City reruns. Can I learn to hope again?” Well, you’ve found the right advice columnist. I’m here to quietly change your Facebook password and not-so-quietly offer the best tools, tricks, and advice to help you fight for a planet that doesn’t burn and a future that doesn’t suck. You’ll build civic muscles, find support buddies, and better your community!

DAY 1: Make a plan
DAY 2: Meet your neighbors
DAY 3: Social media makeover
DAY 4: Support local news
DAY 5: Read up on justice
DAY 6: Protest like a pro
DAY 7: Give green
DAY 8: Ditch the excuses
DAY 9: Green your power sources
DAY 10: Fight city hall
DAY 11: Get offline
DAY 12: Drop dirty money
DAY 13: School food fight!
DAY 14: Vote local
DAY 15: Attack your meat habit
DAY 16: Bug your elected rep
DAY 17: Buy less
DAY 18: Push for affordable housing
DAY 19: Talk climate at the bar
DAY 20: Support the arts
DAY 21: Run for office"


[See also (from the same newsletter): ]
climtechange  action  apathy  2018  sustainability  change  globalwarming  flights  transportation  food  energy  electricity  power  consumption  conssumrism  politics  activism  housing  justice  climatejustice  socialmedia  protest 
4 days ago by robertogreco
Here are some key projects MnDOT will focus on in the next 10 years
The Capital Highway Investment Plan outlines transportation projects throughout the state that will begin in 2019 and run until 2028. The projects are an estimated $10 billion for new construction and maintenance.
transportation  highways  repair  construction 
4 days ago by emkay
The Netherlands’ new train cars are nicer than your office
Designed by the architects at Mecanoo, these mobile work spaces look downright utopian.
transportation  netherlands  design 
4 days ago by bradbarrish

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