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How the Tech Industry Coordinated to Squelch Algorithm Transparency in the New NAFTA Deal
A few lines in the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement illuminate tensions emerging among the public’s right to explainable AI , corporate IP and government security.
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yesterday by javierruiz
Transparency in German Newsrooms: Diffusion of a new journalistic norm?: Journalism Studies: Vol 19, No 16
As a journalistic norm transparency has gained institutional acceptance in the United States. However, comparatively little is known about the extent to which news organizations in other national contexts have adopted this norm. This paper explores how transparency, as an innovation in journalism, has been diffused, i.e. perceived and possibly implemented, in German newsrooms. Interviews with 17 journalists from leading German news organizations indicate that although certain forms of openness have been conceptually adopted, transparency is far from being embraced as an innovation nor institutionally implemented, indicating that the adoption of an innovation such as transparency remains contingent on national contextual factors.
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Medical Student Deaths by Suicide: The Importance of Transparency. - PubMed - NCBI
> They believe that the available data are too limited to conclude what the rate of death by suicide is among medical students compared to their age-matched peers. The authors speculate that the lack of accurate data may be related both to reluctance on the part of schools to report deaths by suicide, and to the failure of national organizations like the Association of American Medical Colleges, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, and Liaison Committee on Medical Education to mandate reporting. The authors believe that without reliable data the medical education community will never be able to determine whether any trends or predictors are connected to medical student death by suicide and, as a result, intervening in a meaningful way will remain impossible. The authors call on the national organizing bodies of medical education to mandate reporting of deaths by suicide, and to create and maintain a database for tracking and studying these events. They advocate public access to unidentified data, linking medical schools to the number of deaths by suicide, as another method of creating accountability and influencing medical school behavior in addressing this tragic phenomenon.
suicide  medical_school  transparency 
8 days ago by porejide
Happy ‘National Jealousy Day’! Finland Bares Its Citizens’ Taxes - The New York Times, Nov 2018
"Finland is unusual, even among the Nordic states, in turning its release of personal tax data — to comply with government transparency laws — into a public ritual of comparison. Though some complain that the tradition is an invasion of privacy, most say it has helped the country resist the trend toward growing inequality that has crept across of the rest of Europe."

"Transparency may or may not reduce inequality, but does tend to make people less satisfied, several concluded. A study of faculty members at the University of California, where pay was made accessible online in 2008, found that lower-earning workers, after learning how their pay stacked up, were less happy in their job and more likely to look for a new one.

A study of Norway, which made its tax data easily accessible to anonymous online searches in 2001, reached a similar conclusion: When people could easily learn the incomes of co-workers and neighbors, self-reported happiness began to track more closely with income, with low earners reporting lower happiness. In 2014, Norway banned anonymous searches, and the number of searches dropped dramatically."
NYTimes  Finland  taxes  equality  transparency  disclosure 
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[Type in your address or zip code to see info on referenda and candidates.]
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Vote Smart - The Voter's Self Defense System
[Type your zip or a candidate's name to see their voting record etc.]
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. asked funders how they maintained , while safeguarding grantees working in sen…
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