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The New York Times politics editor is building trust by tweeting context around political stories » Nieman Journalism Lab
Healy is doing a thread for any major political story he thinks would benefit from context and clarity about intent, “and also when I think I can provide some behind-the-scenes insight or illumination that readers might like.” He ends each one with his direct email address, asking readers to write to him with comments and feedback. The thread that’s gotten the most engagement so far was the one about racist Iowa congressman Steve King’s influence over Trump; in it, Healy explained why the Times was giving a racist a platform.
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19 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Scaling email transparency
Here's a sample of things people have found useful about email transparency:
Provides the full history on interactions that are relevant to you. If
you're pulled into something, you can always pull up the relevant state.
This is especially useful for external communications with users or vendors.
Provides a way for serendipitous interactions to happen — someone who
has more state on something may notice what's happening and jump in to help
(subject to the limitations about jumping in).
Lets you keep up with things going on at various other parts of Stripe,
at whatever granularity you want. This reduces siloing, makes it easier to
function as a remote (and even just know what we're working on), and
generally increases the feeling of connectedness.
Requires ~no additional effort from the sender.
Makes conversations persistent and linkable, which is particularly
useful for new hires.
Forces us to think about how we're segmenting information — if you're
tempted to send something off-list, you should think through why.
Makes spin-up easier by immersing yourself in examples of Stripe tone
and culture, and enabling you to answer your own questions via the archives.
Helps you learn how different parts of the business work.
Quickly subscribe to or unsubscribe from a list.
View your organization's lists (categorized by topic), and which you're
subscribed to (including indirect subscriptions through other lists).
Get notifications when new lists are created.
Generate and upload GMail filters.
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4 days ago by rauschen
JAMA: Hospitals still struggle to answer price questions | The Advisory Board Daily Briefing
Only 16% of surveyed U.S. hospitals are able to provide an estimate for the total cost of a hip replacement procedure, according to a study published this week in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Further, the cost estimates varied widely, ranging from $11,100 to more than $125,000.
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6 days ago by dandv
Transparency, Interactivity, Diversity, and Information Provenance in Everyday Data Journalism: Digital Journalism: Vol 0, No 0
This article examines the features of day-to-day data journalism produced by The New York Times and The Washington Post in the first half of 2017. The content analysis evaluates story characteristics linked to the concepts of transparency, interactivity, diversity, and information provenance. It finds that the data journalism produced by those outlets comes from small teams, focuses on “hard news,” provides fairly uncomplex data visualizations with low levels of interactivity, relies primarily on institutional sources and offers little original data collection, and incorporates just two data sources on average in a generally opaque manner. This leads to the conclusion that “general data journalism” still has a long way to go before it can live up to the optimism and idealization that characterizes much of the data turn in journalism. Instead, contemporary day-to-day data journalism is perhaps better characterized as evolutionary rather than revolutionary, with its celebrated potential to serve as a leap forward for journalism and engender greater trust in it remaining untapped.
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9 days ago by paulbradshaw
Herdict : Home
Herdict is a user-driven platform for identifying web blockages as they happen, including denial of service attacks, censorship, and other filtering. Reporting to Herdict when you can't access the content you want contributes to our aggregated data that helps us monitor the health of the Internet in real time.
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11 days ago by sdp

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