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In the Shadow of Your Heart - by lq_traintracks (lumosed_quill)
Draco tore the parchment open and read voraciously, his heart in his throat:

You are cordially invited to a Ball in honour of the imminent union of our son, Draco Abraxas Malfoy, with Harry James Potter, next Saturday night, 6th September at Malfoy Manor, 9 o'clock in the evening. Full wizarding dress robes required. Please RSVP with your Owl no later than Thursday.

We look forward to you joining us for this momentous and joyful occasion!

Hors d'oeuvres served all evening! Dancing! Open bar!

For a moment Draco could only stare at it slack-jawed. He wasn't sure which words were more a shock to his eyes: union, joyful, or open bar.

He didn't get the chance to decide as just then a throat cleared behind him.

Draco turned in his seat to see the very momentous Harry James Potter standing there, his own invitation dangling from his fingers.

"H-hi," Draco managed in a small voice.

Potter gave him a bemused smile, sighed, and said, "Maybe we should talk."
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yesterday by runpunkrun
Materials for the game "Collection Deck" • MuckRock
The CIA use the game 'Collection Deck' to teach the collection of intelligence. It was declassified and requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

There is now a kickstarter game (CIA) based on it.
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2 days ago by kybernetikos
My latest article for the blog. Check out how your can be the best partner!…
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2 days ago by stevechic
"Adequate and for is essential in preparing your dog for competition and helping p…
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2 days ago by stevechic
The Physics—and Physicality—of Extreme Juggling | WIRED
The world's best numbers juggler can throw and catch 14 balls. Once. Has he reached juggling's limit?
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2 days ago by pozorvlak

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