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M6 |
Where would we be without the M6? Nowhere at all. It's Britain's longest motorway and carries (in total, over its whole length) more traffic than any other. Part of it was also Britain's first.
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European route E13 - Road | RouteYou
Everything you need to know about European route E13 with all nearby routes and curiosities.
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The most popular way of making money online: Fiverr Facebook Marketing Tips
There are Fan pages, there are normal friends posting Another good way to use a tell a friend script is to offer a cheaper discount to those who refer a friend and this usually gets you more sales and more leads at the same time. Always be careful to make these kind of offer exclusive so that each time you do it, it will remain fresh and original.
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Advertising and Promotion Your Business - money24seven's blog
The only downside is that even though viral traffic does bring in targeted traffic, it does at the same time attract a lot of untargeted traffic as well, which means you should take extra efforts to try and market your products to these untargeted crowds.
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TNCs and Congestion · SFCTA Prospector
"Use this map to explore changes in congestion metrics between 2010 and 2016. The tool provides the ability to look at the effects of four factors that affect congestion: changes in network capacity, changes in population, changes in employment, and changes in TNCs.
• Vehicle Hours of Delay (VHD) is a measure of the overall amount of excess time vehicles spend in congestion.
• Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) is a measure of the overall amount of motor vehicle travel, as measured in distance, that occurs on the network.
• Speed is the average speed of vehicles on a given road segment during a given time period.

How to use this map
• Select a congestion metric to display it on the map.
• Explore the contributions of different factors to changes in congestion.
• Choose a time period to display.
• Click on a colored roadway segment on the map to see segment-specific information."

[via: "City Analysis: Uber, Lyft Are Biggest Contributors to Slowdown in S.F. Traffic" ]

[See also: "Study: Half of SF’s increase in traffic congestion due to Uber, Lyft" ]
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Researchers are reducing jams and commute times using networks that gently nudge people toward better trav…
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Review in 2015 by Peter Headicar (Oxford Brookes) of 'Traffic in Towns' (1963) produced for the Ministry of Transport; a widely read report which caused countries to reach differing conclusions. Colin Buchanan, the lead author, studied in detail the consequences of trying to meet demand for car use in various representative cities, parts of London and in small towns. Roads, roads, roads and masses of parking space i.e. almost complete destruction of the qualities of these areas
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Roundabouts in America: In praise of the humble traffic circle
As a vocal proponent of traffic circles, I'm eager to see them spread.
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