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Journey mapping as a tool to transform patient experience | AMS Insights
Example: legacy qualitative market research relies on few participants for interviews, diary studies & surveys: #agile #digital #ethnography improves research design by evaluating much more patient experiences
patient  customer  experience  marketing  survey  dairy  interview  traditional  healthcare  research  primary  journey  map  qualitative  knee  surgery 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
The Distribution Equation - Cultural Weekly
Useful contrast b/t traditional and DIY #distribution reveals sobering truth; of the 10% of #indie #films that get distributed the vast majority lost money. How to DIY w pros ^cr
independent  film  distribution  Statistics  example  revenue  deal  traditional  alternative  DIY  marketing  theater  VOD  rights  TV  festival  investor  19eyz  settlement  rate 
6 weeks ago by csrollyson
Tangram - Wikipedia
The tangram (Chinese: 七巧板; pinyin: qīqiǎobǎn; literally: "seven boards of skill") is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. The objective of the puzzle is to form a specific shape (given only an outline or silhouette) using all seven pieces, which may not overlap. It is reputed to have been invented in China during the Song Dynasty,[1] and then carried over to Europe by trading ships in the early 19th century. It became very popular in Europe for a time then, and then again during World War I. It is one of the most popular dissection puzzles in the world.[2][3] A Chinese psychologist has termed the tangram "the earliest psychological test in the world", albeit one made for entertainment rather than for analysis.
game  traditional 
february 2019 by alligin
Project Failure – Wembley Stadium | Strategic PPM
Appears to be a blog or site about Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). The Wembley stadium project is discussed as a case study in failure of project management. Much detail provided.

"Fundamentally, when attempting a unique work item, such as a novel load bearing steel arch as fundamental part of a stadium, it is very hard to estimate cost and duration with precision. Awarding the work via a bidding process with a fixed price contract exacerbates this problem, because the winning bid will be more likely to underestimate the required work due to the winner’s curse. In addition, it appears information flow could have been improved on this project – if junior employees were aware of potential delays and senior management was not, information was clearly not being shared effectively."
See also the project in "The century's most troublesome construction projects":
p33506  traditional  procurement  construction  legal  contractual 
february 2019 by spencertree
Curar un molcajete
Proceso para limpiar, curar y sazonar un molcajete
mexican  cooking  utensils  traditional  salsa 
january 2019 by roherraz
Allen + roth Harpwell 9-Light Oil-Rubbed Bronze Traditional Tinted Glass Tiered Chandelier at ;;;
tags: Allen + roth Harpwell 9-Light Oil-Rubbed Bronze Traditional Tinted Glass Tiered Chandelier at Lowes com $229 userManual ;;;
partColor&Description: white drain Cover; stepped; with square holes on one flat face;;;
also suitable for use as a vent stack or air inlet strainer.
partName=4"RoundBlankCover;Carlon# E-460 and A-470;;;
partColor&Description: blue disk about 4" diameter;;;
Allen  +  roth  Harpwell  9-Light  Oil-Rubbed  Bronze  Traditional  Tinted  Glass  Tiered  Chandelier  at  Lowes  com  $229  userManual 
january 2019 by neerajsinghvns
Traditional Finnish Log House Building Process - 16mm Film Scan - English Version : Homesteading
r/Homesteading: Welcome! Join us for friendly discussions, questions, stories, tips, and inspiration on a wide variety of homestead topics. From gardens, herbs, orchards, to chickens, goats, llamas, alpacas, sheep, cows, bees, aquaponics, to cooking, fermenting, brewing, canning, to hunting, foraging, fishing, to home construction, cob, straw bale, insulated concrete, solar, arduino - and more.

We're here to learn, and to share what we've learned!
log  house  homesteading  construction  traditional  finnish 
december 2018 by ivar
The Saint Francis Convent Church by David Closes in Santpedor, Spain | Yatzer
Santpedor is a small, rustic municipality located roughly 75km north of Barcelona. Overlooking a hilly Spanish countryside, it boasts just over 7000 inhabitants. The town’s two sites include the Romanesque-Gothic church of St. Peter and the Hermitage of St. Francis. Here is where our story of revival begins; where a crippled 18th century church has been restored and rejuvenated with a new purpose and life.
architecture  church  conversion  traditional  glass  light_design 
december 2018 by vloux

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