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Pocket Money Toys for Girls & for Boys all from your friendly Blue Frog Toys!
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3 hours ago by tolkien
Lego made an International Space Station kit, including Space Shuttle and robotic arm | TechCrunch
Lego is releasing an official International Space Station kit, which includes a scale model of the orbital platform, along with a miniature dockable Space Shuttle, a deployable satellite and two astronaut mini figurines. The kit is made up of 864 pieces, and celebrates the science station’s more than 20 years in operation. It was originally suggested through Lego’s Ideas platform, which crowdsources ideas from the Lego fan community.
8 hours ago by dancall
Pocket Money Toys for Girls & for Boys all from your friendly Blue Frog Toys!
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yesterday by tolkien
A Mighty Girl
The world's largest collection of books and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls
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yesterday by bradbarrish
FIC: So Far F*cked Up, It Came Out Right [1/2][sga]: shusu — LiveJournal
That first day, Rodney's leer had been almost comforting. Joni had brushed off Sam Carter's warnings; Rodney was small fry. "Even with the six symbols Lt. Ford provided, there are still hundreds of permutations..."

Maybe it was all the adrenaline, or the Marines, or Weir's eyes boring a hole in the back of her head. Joni blurted it out. "Seven hundred and twenty."
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yesterday by miss_speller
Kidscreen » Archive » CES 2020: 5 kidtech products making waves
Keeping in-line with the idea of connected play that blends the physical and digital worlds, South Korean company dear.architect is shaking things up with a new app and product aimed at three- to eight-year-olds called Roomy. It consists of six pieces of bedroom furniture like a dresser and bedside table made out of wood blocks, which have eyes. Special stickers allow the toys to be recognized by apps, which bring the furniture to life.  The aim for the product, currently only available in Korea but looking to begin US sales in April, is to make kids less scared of the dark and their rooms by making furniture with their friend. Moving forward, the company plans to expand with new furniture items that fit into other rooms in the house.
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7 days ago by dancall
10 kids digital media predictions for 2020 (and what to do about them) - SuperAwesome
A major consumer platform gets fined for kids data privacy breach in Europe under GDPR-K
In September, YouTube was fined $170m by the FTC for allowing kids personal data to be collected in a breach of the US COPPA law. Europe has a similar (but stricter) law called GDPR-K, which has the same protections but defines a child as up to the age of 16 in many countries (e.g. Germany, Ireland).  There is currently an active investigation which has the potential to be magnitudinally more consequential than the COPPA decision. 

Getting ahead: historically, brands have taken a practical approach to privacy, often rolling out global operating standards ahead of legislation. You should be planning for 16 as the de facto age of digital consent for privacy/contextual.
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7 days ago by dancall
Kidscreen » Archive » LEGO expands its partnership with Tencent
Danish brickmaker LEGO and Chinese media giant Tencent have renewed their memorandum of understanding for another two years to expand on a strategic partnership that focuses on digital play experiences for Chinese kids.

The two companies first signed an agreement in 2018 to create a number of new interactive kids experiences, including a localized version of coding property LEGO Boost and the co-development of social network LEGO Life for the region. LEGO also launched a branded zone in Tencent’s online video streaming platform (pictured).
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7 days ago by dancall
DIY MAGNA TILES. Enough said.
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8 days ago by playfulsystems

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