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Samsung Gear Moving Towards AR With Second Headset
Samsung has done a good job in pushing VR towards a wider audience in 2016. This month they have confirmed rumours that the Korean tech giant is working on a follow-up headset. However, there is more. There will be not one, but two new Gear headsets in 2017. One of these will be focused more...

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Samsung  Gear  Moving  Towards  AR  With  Second  Headset 
december 2016 by vrzone
The West vs. Russia: Towards the end of a Pax Americana? | OffGuardian
by Prof. Vladislav B. Sotirovic A peaceful dissolution of the USSR according to the agreement between Mikhail Gorbachow and Ronald Reagan in 1988 in Reykjavik brought a new dimension of a global geopolitics in which up to 2008 Russia, as a legal successor state of the USSR, was playing an inferior role in global politics when an American Neocon concept of Pax Americana became the fundamental framework in international relations. Therefore, for instance, Boris Yeltsin’s Russia capitulated in 1995 to the American design regarding a final outcome of the USA/EU policy of the destruction of ex-Yugoslavia in November 1995 (the Dayton Agreeement) followed by even worse political capitulation in the case of Washington’s Kosovo policy that became ultimatelly implemented in June 1999 (the Kumanovo Agreement). Russia became in the 1990s totally geopolitically humiliated by the USA and its West European clients to such extent that we can call a period of Boris Yeltsin’s servile policy toward the West as a Dark Time of the history of Russian international relations when the main losers became the … via The West vs. Russia: Towards the end of a Pax Americana?
IFTTT  The  West  vs.  Russia:  Towards  end  of  a  Pax  Americana? 
december 2016 by davidmarsden

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